Featured Functionality: Helpdesk Tasks

This is an image of the IRIS CRM Helpdesk Task reminder functionality.

IRIS CRM is proud to announce that we have added a new feature to our Helpdesk system called “Helpdesk Tasks”.


This will be useful for when a ticket is waiting on something. For example, a response back from a processor or a rep needing to collect a document.


Users can create a task so that the ticket can be out of site but not forgotten.  This will help ensure that no tickets fall through the cracks and users are reminded when things need to be done.


This feature will go live on Monday, January 18th, 2016.


You will now see an “Add Task” button to the left of the “Add Comment” button:

helpdesk tasks


You will be able to create a task to come back to this ticket, indicate a Note for what needs to be done and indicate who the ticket is “Set For”:helpdesk tasks


The task log will appear at the bottom of the ticket and the user can easily export the task to an external calendar for additional efficiency:

helpdesk tasks


The helpdesk task will automatically appear on the internal calendar page.

helpdesk tasks


The user will also receive a pop up on their screen before any helpdesk tasks are due.

helpdesk tasks

Stay up to date on our latest features.  We will be posting about a new feature every week!

For any questions regarding this feature or any others please contact us or email support@iriscrm.com

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