Featured Functionality: Integrated Dialer

IRIS CRM Integrated Dialer

IRIS CRM offers an integrated dialer that ISOs can use to help streamline their sales and support process.

When users are able to receive and make calls directly from IRIS CRM they function at an increased level of efficiency.

Reps can initiate calls directly from a lead with a single click, while a manager listens in on the live call and provides coaching. Previous calls can be brought up and played for training and reference purposes. Support members can receive inbound calls and listen to recordings of previous calls.  ISO owners can view the dialer metrics page and gain an understanding of the amount of calls and talk time their teams are producing.


Below are just some of the capabilities the integrated dialer provides:

  • Managers are able to provide phone training or coaching in real time
  • View reports on amount of dials made, talk time and other metrics
  • Run cumulative reports by date to ensure optimal sales activity
  • Track phone activity of users throughout their day
  • Replace your current phone system, cost effectively
  • Contact up to 3 times as many prospects and close more deals
  • Call recordings are stored with the ability to be reviewed or downloaded
Dialer Metrics
Dialer metrics provides great insight into how productive your teams are everyday.

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