Featured Functionality: PCI Compliance Boarding

Featured Functionality: PCI Compliance Boarding

Automate Boarding Merchants to ControlScan and PCI Compliance LLC


First Data ISOs can automate another typically manual process by using IRIS CRM‘s PCI compliance integrations.

After you connect ControlScan or PCI Compliance LLC to your IRIS CRM site, you can automatically board new merchants and remove closed accounts. Your ISO will have one less task to remember.

The integrations also provide great reporting functionality and steers merchants to complete the PCI questionnaire. (Just another reason we encourage our clients to give their merchants access)

The PCI Compliance status of your merchants will be updated every morning so that you have the latest information available.

Below you will see some of the great functionalities available due to these integrations.


Navigate to “The Scoop” to see a dashboard on your entire portfolio’s PCI status:

Go to Tools > The Scoop


You can also export the report as an Excel or CSV document.



Users can easily see if a merchant is PCI compliant by taking a look at the icon on every merchant record (merchants can also see this when they log in). There will be a check mark if the merchant is compliant, or an X if they are not compliant.



When a merchant clicks on the icon they will be directed to the PCI Compliance section. They can see details on their status and start the process if they are not yet compliant.



When a merchant clicks “Become Compliant” they will be directed to the appropriate portal to complete the PCI questionnaire.




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