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IRIS CRM - Web form with post token api


IRIS CRM provides the ability to import and create new incoming leads from your existing web form across your websites.

By simply adding one line of code to your web forms, lead forms or online merchant applications, IRIS will create a new lead and notify your users automatically.

Some examples of this functionality include automatically importing data from “Contact Us” forms across websites, merchant applications and smart phone applications.

The API token functionality streamlines lead management, gets hot leads into your sales teams hands immediately so they can close more merchants.

Below you will see how to create a POST token and get started using the functionality right away.


Step 1

Navigate to the Manage drop down and click the “Administration” option.  Than click “Configure Site/Tokens” under the POST API section.

POST Token Url


Step 2

Click “Create Token” and fill in the requested information on the pop up.  You will be given a variety of automation options for import customization.

Create Token


Step 3

Simply copy the POST URL to your web form or application and it will begin sending the information to your IRIS site.

The POST URL is commonly connected to a “Submit” or “Contact Us” button that is the final step in a form submission process.

Token Mapping

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