New Feature Announcement: IRIS CRM Voicemail Drop

New Feature Announcment! Voicemail Drop

Voicemail Drop Feature Description:

IRIS CRM has added a great new feature to our integrated dialer, voicemail drop, to assist sales teams by automating the manual and repetitive process of leaving a voicemail.

Through our research, we learned that almost 30% of outbound phone calls made result in an answering machine being reached.

Every opportunity to leave a voicemail is an opportunity for a sale but most agents fail to leave messages because they do not know what to say.

Users will now be able to drop perfectly pre-recorded voicemail messages, as soon as they reach a prospect’s or customer’s answering machine.

The addition of voicemail drop helps to structure, automate, and streamline your call center to another level.

IRIS CRM will stay on the call and leave the message automatically while the agent can move on to their next call!

Below you will learn exactly how easy it is to begin using the new voicemail drop feature, it can be set up in less than 5 minutes!


Step 1:

Navigate to Manage -> Administration -> Manage Dialer Settings.

On the “Manage Dialer Settings” screen and within the first “Manage Extensions” tab,  search for the agent for whom you wish to upload recordings.

Click the wrench icon to edit on the right:


Dialer Settings


Step 2:

Press the “Manage Voicemail Drop” button:


Manage voicemail drop


Step 3:

Upload the recordings in “.wav” or “.mp3” format and give each recording a text label.  The labels you provide will appear as buttons in the dialer during active calls.


Upload voicemail drop


Step 4:

Make a call and you will now see a new menu icon in the dialer window:

Voicemail Drop Icon


Step 5:

When the icon is clicked, the voicemail options that were uploaded can be selected.  The agent does not even have to wait to hear the beep!

The IRIS CRM Dialer knows when to leave the message automatically when it detects silence after the beep.



Voicemail Drop


Step 6:

IRIS CRM will also track the amount of voicemail drops per agent on the “Dialer Metrics” page located under the Tools menu.

Dimitri Akhrin, the president of IRIS CRM, just started using voicemail drop and loves it!


Dialer Metrics voicemail drop

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