Featured Funtionality: Appointment Board

Featured Funtionality: Appointment Board

IRIS CRM has the ability to track the appointments set by your sales reps and telemarketers.

The appointment board can be used as a competitive motivator for call centers.  The appointment board can be put on a TV in a call center and show the callers all their stats for the week.

The board tracks appointments confirmed, rescheduled, seen and set.

You can also decide who gets credit for the appointment on the board, the caller who set it or the sales rep that went on the appointment.



When you click on any number on the board it will show you the leads associated with the number.




Clicking the wrench icon will expose some option you have available to you. The appointment can be marked confirmed or not counted in the totals.




Appointments are set, marked confirmed, seen, not seen, and rescheduled on the leads themselves.













A new appointment can be set by and for different users.





Users can export their appointments to external calendars.



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