First Data File Gateway Integration Migration Following Client eMerchantView Sunset

First Data

On July 26th, 2019, First Data finally completed the sunsetting of the Client eMerchantView reporting platform. While that retirement makes way for a new generation of account access and reporting tools, a major platform change is still often jarring for users. For non-CRM users, the eMarchantView portal is still up, but logging in simply directs them to begin using First Data’s AccessOne application. Luckily, for IRIS CRM users, the transition is even simpler, as IRIS CRM has now fully integrated the First Data File Gateway (FDFG), ensuring a smooth transition with zero headaches or interruption of service. 

First Data Client eMerchantView Transition and Migration to FDFG

There are a few steps required of IRIS CRM merchants to ensure a successful migration and a smooth transition in service. Luckily, they’re simple, quick, and easy to do. Follow the three steps below as soon as possible to keep your service from being interrupted:

1) First and foremost, any questions you may have regarding AccessOne and its pricing should be directed to your company’s First Data client executive. 

2) Download the First Data File Gateway Boarding Questionnaire by clicking here, and send the completed form along with the files to your First Data client executive with a request for your business to be set up on the FDFG. 

3) Once your FDFG account has been created, send you new credentials to We’ll get you all set up on our end, including configuration and testing, and then send you a confirmation of your account’s successful FDFG integration. 

Just a quick questionnaire and a couple of emails, and you’re done! The teams at First Data and IRIS CRM handle all of the technical work, leaving you to simply sit back and enjoy the benefits of AccessOne.

The Benefits of FirstData AccessOne 

With your FDFG migration complete, you’ll now have access to information directly from First Data via their AccessOne platform. The new data feed will be automatically imported into IRIS CRM daily, and the data provided by the FDFG / AccessOne represents a faster, more stable, and completely automated source of business intelligence. On your end, nothing will change about the way you view and interact with your account data. You’ll still have access to everything you did before, including deposits, memos, transactions, retrievals, chargebacks, and more. The interface in IRIS CRM will also stay exactly the same. The only thing that will change is the data source. That means you’ll have a more reliable data source with zero adjustments required in the way you currently use the CRM and your account data. 

This changeover should have no negative impact on your account, but we do recommend following the laid-out migration steps as early as possible. If any of the migration steps, or anything to do with the switch over to the First Data File Gateway is unclear, please don’t hesitate to contact the support team at IRIS CRM. We’re always happy to provide our merchants with any information we can to ensure the smoothest possible experience with our software. Contact us at, or contact your support liaison directly and we’ll be happy to help you with the migration in any way necessary. 


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