First Data Introduces Clover Go

Clover Go is an innovative new mobile payment system that has incorporated an EMV reader.

First Data has been a leader in the payment processing industry for years. The company prides themselves on their payment being efficient and secure. Mobile payment systems are a growing trend, as entrepreneurs look for new ways to make sales. First Data has recognized this trend and they recently announced Clover Go, a new mobile payment system.

Clover Go is a mobile payment system that includes an EMV reader. EMV technology adds a critical layer of security to card-based transactions. Debit and credit cards now have a chip on the front that contains the EMV information. When a card is scanned the EMV chip is checked as well. Clover Go is one of the first mobile payment systems to integrate EMV. First Data is excited about this program, as almost everyone can offer an EMV payment option.

Clover Go is simple. The accessory is about the size of a credit card and is a couple of centimeters thick. Users simply plug the accessory into the headphone jack of their iPhone or Android. Once the device is plugged in, people can easily accept payments from anyone. This device will change the way people conduct business. For example, now people can securely accept credit card payments at yard sales. Contractors can take payments on site. Clover Go has seemingly unlimited purposes.

The way people treat electronic payments is constantly evolving. First Data is pushing this innovation. Clover Go will change payments processing forever.

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