Fiserv Card Payment Services – How a Synthesis of IRIS CRM and Fiserv can Benefit Your ISO

Fiserv Card Payment Services

Fiserv has been providing payment solutions to forward-thinking merchants since 1984. They are now a global leader, having served thousands of institutions and millions of businesses all over the world. In 2019, Fiserv acquired First Data, another American merchant and payment services powerhouse, combining to form one of the largest payment processors in the world.  They now serve customers in over 100 countries worldwide, with annual revenues of $15.3 billion. Independent sales organizations (ISOs) make up a big part of the Fiserv family, and as a result, IRIS CRM has been designed to seamlessly integrate with Fiserv, providing unmatched utility for our Fiserv ISOs and merchants. 


Benefits of Fiserv Partnership to ISOs

Partnering with Fiserv enables independent sales organizations to offer their merchants a full suite of electronic payment processing solutions backed by an industry leader, with some of the most competitive rates and the most reliable processing service in the world. The company offers credit card processing, ACH payment processing, debit processing, and a full suite of additional payment, risk and compliance management, and channel management products. Their electronic payment solutions, tools, and support expertise cover a wide number of industries, ranging from retail to telecom to banking to government spending and beyond. 

With the acquisition of First Data, Fiserv has over 44,000 associates around the globe, ensuring uninterrupted payment processing and unparalleled customer service. That makes Fiserv’s merchant services an easy sell. 

Simply put, becoming a Fiserv ISO partner means partnering with a global leader in payment processing – enabling ISOs to sell all of Fiserv’s infrastructure, expertise, experience and, most importantly, reputation, as their own. 


Integrating IRIS CRM and Fiserv

IRIS CRM ISOs and merchants can integrate their Fiserv accounts directly with their customer resource management platform, combining all of the benefits of advanced CRM with the benefits provided by Fiserv’s payment processing solutions. IRIS CRM enables complete Fiserv merchant portfolio management, as well as reporting on transactions and disputes. 

Data is automatically pulled into IRIS CRM from Fiserv’s reporting channel, putting all of the business intelligence necessary to ensure smooth operations just a few clicks away. IRIS CRM’s advanced reporting dashboard automatically converts the raw Fiserv data into a series of easy-to-read charts and graphs, making it easier than ever for managers to monitor merchant performance and portfolio growth, and to ensure merchants stay on top of all disputes. That level of advanced intelligence makes it possible to constantly stay on top of merchants right down to the transaction level, ensuring management can identify which merchants are the most profitable, which need a boost, and which are troublesome and potentially detrimental to portfolio success. 


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