Fiserv First Data Omaha AccessOne Integration

Fiserv Card Payment Services

In 2019, Fiserv acquired First Data, at that time the world’s biggest payment technology firm. The newly merged giants now serve over six million merchants and thousands of financial institutions in over 100 countries. With over $15 billion in annual revenues, reselling Fiserv payment processing solutions represents an enormous opportunity to independent sales organizations, just as First Data did prior to the acquisition. IRIS CRM, the leading customer resource management software in the payments industry, integrates directly with Fiserv through the same front-end solutions previously offered by First Data, including First Data Omaha AccessOne. That means that in addition to a large number of productivity features it offers, IRIS CRM also makes it easier than ever for ISOs to manage previous First Data merchants and to upload new Fiserv merchants.


Fiserv First Data AccessOne:

AccessOne is the reporting portal that First Data moved to in mid-2016, at which point IRIS CRM integrated both the First Data File Gateway (FDFG) and access to AccessOne. Fiserv First Data AccessOne integration provides a reliable, fast, direct data stream directly from Fiserv that is automatically imported into IRIS CRM to provide useful, informative, easy-to-read business intelligence through the IRIS CRM reporting dashboard. AccessOne and FDFG provide daily data on transactions, deposits, chargebacks and disputes, bank deposits, and much more, providing insight into all of the key areas ISOs require to make informed short and long-term business decisions. The deep level of analysis provided enables managers to dig into profitability on a portfolio-wide or merchant-by-merchant basis, and to monitor merchant performance carefully to ensure that top performers are being nurtured and struggling merchants are provided the help they need. 


Merchant Boarding with TurboApp:

Existing First Data merchants and new Fiserv First Data signups can all reap the benefits of IRIS CRM’s advanced TurboApp automatic boarding platform. TurboApp makes it possible to automate as much of the boarding process as possible, minimizing the amount of manual entry required and significantly reducing the chances of costly data entry errors. Boarding can be launched directly from a new merchant’s application, and TurboApp will then import and validate as much of the data as possible, ensuring that agents need only verify that the imported data is correct. That saves an enormous amount of time, especially when boarding multi-location merchants. The result is that Fiserv ISOs using IRIS CRM can board new merchants up to seven times faster and increase workload capacity by as much as 500%. That means more submissions, with fewer errors that could result in rejections on Fiserv’s end – a surefire recipe for fatter residuals and stronger company-wide growth. 

Fiserv is just one of the many top merchant services and payment technology companies that IRIS CRM integrates with, and the advanced reporting and boarding the platform offers are just two of its many sales and productivity-boosting features. Contact us today for more information on the full list of features IRIS CRM has to offer, including advanced lead management, a full communications suite, a built-in power dialer, a built-in merchant portal, and much more. 


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