Fiserv PASO Reporting

Fiserv PASO

As Fiserv ISOs on the Omaha and North platforms are aware, Fiserv is moving from the Legacy Residual reports to PASO (Product Reporting And Sales Compensation Overhaul) reporting.


PASO is a complete overhaul to the Fiserv residual program. One of PASO’s primary goals is to reduce the number of reports needed to reconcile an account, thus helping drive efficiency and eliminating manual work.


If you are a Fiserv ISO and you use IRIS CRM’s residual reporting features, no action is required on your part unless you would like to make updates to templates and revisit your payout strategy.

Your residuals report templates have already been updated to fully comply with the new PASO reporting format.


Here are a few highlights of the changes and improvements that PASO brings.


Report Consolidation

The Legacy Residual reports were spread out across multiple spreadsheets which typically required a manual effort to reconcile.

The PASO report now consolidates these reports into a single report that it is easier to use and that eliminates the need for manual processing.

For example, the ETFs and debit network fees used to be on separate reports, and are now included in a single PASO report.

The Legacy reports also bundled many fees under one fee code however with PASO those have been broken out to provide more detailed reporting.

For example, MFC fees used to be reported all together as a total for each merchant. But now the fees within the MFC grid are broken out and reported on.


Multi-Level Reporting

While the Legacy Reports showed billing elements that had a high-level count and expense, they didn’t provide any other detail.

PASO now provides more detail which is broken down by merchant and card type.

With PASO, the ISOs can now also get a deeper and clearer reporting with 3 detail levels as follows:

  • Level 1 data will distinguish the revenue, expense, or driving counters of compensation.
  • Level 2 is similar to legacy. Paso takes the data further into similar categories (although these are still not as detailed as a compensation invoice should be).
  • Level 3 details every single individual contribution to the revenue or expense item and can distinguish between counters, methods, and strategies for billing.

With the above detail levels, a user can narrow the report down to see very specific data.


Improved Formatting

The new PASO report formatting is easier for coding, reconciliation, and reading.

Searchability and overall user experience are improved upon by displaying the report in a vertical format rather than the horizontal format.


PASO will continue to evolve as time goes on, and Fiserv will communicate any changes via the In The Know partner calls or flash alerts.



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