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For Those About To Start, We Salute You.

Lets begin with some words that hit right in the feels.

“You played hard in here, people, and I am proud of every last stinking one of you. So let’s just give this everything we got. We may fall on our faces, but if we do, we will fall with dignity!

…And in the words of AC/DC: “We roll tonight to the guitar bite, and for those about to rock, I salute you.”

The inspirational words of Dewey Finn, a.k.a Mr. Schneebly, ring true regardless of whether you are holding a guitar in your hands, or the reins of your startup.

For those of you who have gone it alone, who have taken up the mantle of the entrepreneur, who have chosen to fly blind into the startup world, we do indeed salute you.

We do so because you are on a journey so difficult, and so challenging, for so many reasons, that you deserve all the praise in the world.

The Lonely Road.

When you finish college or university, or quit your dependable job, and turn around to your parents or loved ones and tell them you are going to start your own business… they likely won’t understand.

Why don’t you just look for a ‘real’ job?

They are just watching out for you. They worry there the pitfalls ahead of you and are just trying to gently change your course to ‘avoid you getting hurt’.


In truth, very few people will understand at all.

Everyone around you will try to be supportive, but they will just find it hard to comprehend the mammoth task you have given yourself. They will struggle to offer advice and support as they have no experience to relate to.

This leaves you pretty much alone in your startup journey.

And it is no easy thing to deal with.

“In the end of time, there was a man who knew the road, and the writing was written on the stone… in the ancient time, an artist led the way, but no-one seemed to understand…”

— Mr Schneebly

Doing the different thing is hard.

Being the outsider is difficult.

Yet you know your path and you believe in that path. You know the journey and you are walking it.

Kudos to you. Press on with all your might, and show those who don’t understand, or don’t support you, that you will make your dreams happen.

The Price Of Failure.

You know those shots of the desert, with the sand skimming on the surface, the sun beating down on the barren land, slowly draining it of life, aside the odd tumbleweed blowing by?

Welcome to your bank account after starting a business.

Or perhaps your soul.

Either way, starting a business is a gamble.

Leaving behind security and stability is one of the hardest things you could ever do. It cannot be underestimated how stressful this can be.

The price of failure can be so high.

It can be a physical price like all your savings, or debt. It can be a mental price like loss of pride, self esteem. It can be the loss of relationships and friendships.

It can be a huge backwards step if it falls apart.

Or it could be the most amazing, life changing way to work and to progress as a human being.

That is the risk you take.

That is the reward you chase.

It takes bravery and courage to go it alone. It is a huge leap of faith that will test you to your absolute limits. You can’t be praised or admired enough for taking that chance.

You know the reward will taste oh so sweet, and that all the pain and problems will be worth it one day.

So keep pushing on and keep fighting for that shot at success. If you work hard enough, it will happen for you.

So we raise a glass to those who push through the adversity. The ones who push down the lonesome path until they find the others who wait at the end, the ones who made it already.

You are in good company now.

Here is to you.

“We’re gonna start a revolution ok? And you’re gonna be a funny little footnote on my epic ass!”

— Dewey Finn.

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Author: Stephen Moore

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