Get IRIS CRM API Integration Documentation for Fiserv First Data, TSYS, WorldPay, and Vantiv ISOs

Get IRIS CRM API Integration Documentation for Fiserv First Data, TSYS, WorldPay, and Vantiv ISOs

IRIS CRM is the leading customer resource management software in the payments industry thanks to its robust set of productivity, sales, and administration features designed specifically with the needs of independent sales organizations, merchants, and other financial institutions in mind. But IRIS CRM’s functionality doesn’t stop with the CRM itself, because IRIS CRM’s open application programming interface (API) opens up a world of options for companies looking to extend the functionality of the CRM to outside applications and custom tools. 


What is the Function of the IRIS CRM Open API?

The IRIS CRM Open API enables IRIS CRM users to integrate their customer resource management platform with their other tools, including open-source software and custom-built applications,  using API calls to access information directly from the CRM or to update data associated with the lead and merchant accounts within the CRM. That takes IRIS CRM, with its industry-leading set of productivity and sales features, and makes it even more powerful by turning it into a tool that can be used to supercharge a wide variety of other software platforms and web applications to perform a multitude of functions.  


What Tasks Can be Handled Through the IRIS CRM Open API?

The Open API enables IRIS CRM users to handle a variety of tasks on both the lead and merchant levels. The Lead API can be used to create new leads, notes, tasks, or appointments within a lead account or to publish a full list of leads with all relevant data, notes, documents, and more. You can also upload and download attachments, create e-signature applications, and much more. 

On the merchant side, the Merchant API enables you to pull information from the CRM on merchant deposits, transactions, chargebacks and disputes, demographic information, monthly statements, and more. You can also update merchant profiles from outside the CRM. 

Integrating IRIS CRM with other platforms through these APIs makes it possible to expand IRIS CRM’s reach and to extend IRIS CRM’s powerful feature set to other custom applications, adding even more value than IRIS CRM already offers as a standalone platform and making it even easier to update and utilize the valuable lead and merchant data stored within IRIS CRM. 


Getting Started Using the IRIS CRM Open API

Using IRIS CRM’s Open API is not difficult for users familiar with APIs and their functionality. IRIS CRM uses SSL-secured REST calls to handle all API requests, with API tokens generated from inside the CRM to authenticate the accounts of users making the requests. IRIS CRM provides a full PHP software development kit (SDK) for users looking to develop new applications integrating with the platform, making IRIS CRM a perfect choice for companies looking to develop their own custom applications to work hand-in-hand with their customer resource management platform.  

Users looking to begin working with the IRIS CRM Open API can access full documentation covering all aspects of the Lead and Merchant APIs at  IRIS CRM users can also always access our unparalleled customer service and technical support staff by emailing

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