Go Mobile: Unlock the Full Power of Your Business with IRIS CRM’s New Mobile App

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Your customer resource management platform is the hub that brings all of your ISO’s lead management, sales operations, merchant service delivery, and administration into one, centralized point of control. That makes CRM software a mission-critical tool – one that needs to be available to your employees at all times, not just when they’re at their desks. With that in mind, IRIS CRM has introduced a new mobile app, available in both the Google Play and Apple app stores, designed to put the power of IRIS CRM at your team’s fingertips where and when they need it. It represents a new level of both flexibility and convenience that further elevates IRIS CRM’s status as the payments industry’s leading CRM. 


Gain Access to Your CRM’s Most Important Features from Anywhere

IRIS CRM has long been the most feature-rich customer resource management platform in the industry, and our team worked hard to pack as many of those features as possible into our new mobile app. The app provides full access to each of your merchants, enabling you to manage and control their accounts on the fly. It also provides complete access to your lead database, with new lead addition available in a single tap. Your key residual and financial data is available on both the processor and merchant level, so you’ll always have complete information on everything from top performs, to approvals, to the net payments due to your agents, and much more. 


Untether Your ISO’s Team from a Centralized Office Space

Office space is expensive and restrictive. Employees with access to remote, work-from-home arrangements at least part of the week are happier, more engaged, more fulfilled, and, in turn, more productive. For a business like an ISO with no real reason to require staff to be centralized fulltime, going remote can open up a wide variety of benefits, not the least of which is the reduced costs associated with smaller office space. IRIS CRM’s cloud-based platform enables everyone on your team – from management, to support, to boarding and operations, to your independent agents – to access the full power of your CRM from anywhere they can sit down with an internet connection. The mobile app takes that a step further, enabling your team to access your important sales and operations data at any time, in any place. The value of that flexibility can’t be overstated, especially for your agents. 


Empower Your ISO’s Merchant Recruiting and Service Delivery

Remote and mobile access doesn’t just help your team be more productive, it also helps them improve the quality of their work and the service they offer to your merchants. That’s important, because the payments industry is incredibly competitive, and providing a better experience than your competitors is as important as providing better rates. Because IRIS CRM enables your agents to access full lead data from anywhere, they’ll always be fully informed and ready to deliver an elevated sales process to potential merchants, where and whenever the next touch may happen. Once a merchant is signed on, the ability to provide unparalleled account management and support at all times is key to keeping clients happy, loyal, and driving up your residuals. 

Having fast, convenient access to your CRM on your smartphone or tablet will change the way your ISO does business. For more information on everything IRIS CRM and the new Android and iOS app can do for you, schedule a demo, or start your free trial today

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