Helpdesk Enhancement: Link Lead And Merchant Tickets

Helpdesk Enhancement: Link Lead And Merchant Tickets

Managing your Lead and Merchant tickets in IRIS CRM has just gotten even easier! We have introduced the ability to automatically Link Lead and Merchant Tickets after you link a Lead to a Merchant account.

Once the Lead is linked with a Merchant account, the Lead’s existing tickets will show up on the Merchant’s account automatically, and also the Merchant’s existing tickets will show up on the Lead.

In this way you’ll no longer need to spend time trying to locate related Lead tickets from the Merchant (or vice versa) but instead you can view all of the related tickets in the same place, and then jump either to the Lead or the Merchant for any follow-up actions.


Let’s take a closer look and the new enhancement.


Creating a Ticket from a Lead or Merchant


If the Tickets tab has been enabled on your form by your Administrator, you can create a new ticket right from the Lead by clicking the “Add New Ticket” button:



The Add New Ticket window will open up where you can select and enter the ticket information. Note that the Add New Ticket window now also features a Notifications field which lets you select users or groups that will be notified about the new ticket:



To select a user or a group, simply click on the Notifications box and a drop-down pick list will appear showing all of the users and groups that can be notified about this new ticket.

Additionally, if you select a specific Lead or Merchant in your ticket, the Notifications box will automatically show the users who were assigned to such a Lead or Merchant.


The Tickets tab on the Lead shows all of your Lead’s tickets and you can open them by clicking on the ticket ID number:



A Tickets tab is also available on your Merchant Details page and within this tab you can create your Merchant tickets (again by using the “Add New Ticket” button):



The Merchant ticket report shown on the Tickets tab allows you to search, sort and open all of the Merchant’s tickets. To view only the unresolved tickets simply un-check the “Show Resolved” checkbox shown at the top of the report.


Viewing Tickets after Lead is Linked to Merchant


When a Lead is boarded through TurboApp the approved merchant account is automatically linked to the originating Lead. When this happens any existing Lead or Merchant’s tickets will also be linked together, and shown both on the Lead and on the Merchant Details pages:



For more information on linking Leads with Merchants please see our knowledge base article on Linking Leads to Merchant Accounts.


If a ticket had originated from a Lead linked to a Merchant account, then within the ticket you will see links both to the Merchant and to the Lead. In this way you can quickly navigate to either of the two depending on the nature of the ticket:



On the other hand, if a ticket originated from a linked Merchant account then it’s assumed that such a ticket pertains only to the Merchant and not to the Lead. Accordingly such a ticket will not show a link to the linked Lead but it will only show a link the to Merchant account.


Stay tuned for more improvements and new features coming soon!


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