Helping Agents: Merchant Services CRM for ISOs

Merchant Services CRM for ISOs

As an independent sales organization, ensuring a steady stream of new, quality merchants are constantly being brought on board is the key to growing your residuals portfolio and maximizing profitability. The heavy lifters in accomplishing that goal are your agents, and keeping them happy and productive is crucial to your success. That means, whenever possible, you should be looking to provide your agents with the tools and training they need to perform their work as easily and effectively as possible, and IRIS CRM is the ideal tool for that job. IRIS CRM is the payment industry’s premier merchant services CRM software, and from its sales and marketing tools to its advanced analytics, it’s packed full of features designed specifically to help you help your agents bring in more merchants and earn fatter residual payments. 


Give Your Agents the Advanced Prospecting and Sales Tools They Need

Finding and nurturing leads is key to your agents’ success, and IRIS CRM’s advanced lead management suite provides agents with the tools to do both more effectively than ever before. With access to IRIS CRM, your agents can easily collect leads from a variety of sources and integrate them into the CRM automatically, or manually in as little as a few clicks. Once in the system, your agents can quickly and easily update and track their leads, ensuring that each qualified prospect is expertly managed and provided with the highest level of service possible as they’ve moved through the sales process and converted into signed merchants. IRIS CRM also provides a wide variety of other tools designed to assist the sales process, including a built-in proposal generator, electronic signature to enable digital signing of contracts and documents, advanced communication tools, and much more. 


Increase Agent Boarding Capacity with TurboApp

IRIS CRM includes the advanced TurboApp boarding application that enables agents to automate as much of the merchant boarding process as possible, minimizing the time and manual work required to process new merchant applications. With TurboApp, your agents can board new merchants from directly within their application documents. The system pulls as much information as possible from the application to auto-populate the boarding system fields and validates the information to catch errors immediately. It even works for multi-location merchants and integrates directly with the boarding systems of major players like TSYS, Fiserv First Data, Vantiv, iPayment, and more. The result is fewer data entry errors, more merchant applications accepted, and an increase of up to 500% in your agents’ boarding capacity by making the boarding process four to seven times faster. 


Pay Out Agent Residuals Quickly and Accurately

Residuals are the lifeblood of your ISO, and they’re also what keeps your agents working hard and bringing you new merchants. The complete residual reporting dashboard built into IRIS CRM makes it easier than ever to monitor and accurately calculate residuals, including the residuals owed to your agents each month. Once you’ve calculated your agents’ monthly payouts, IRIS CRM’s complete payments suite enables you to pay them out instantly via ACH payment in a matter of a few clicks thanks to the platform’s seamless integration with the Paya network. Fast, accurate residuals payments are the key to keeping your agents happy, content, and, most importantly, loyal. With IRIS CRM, you’ll never have to worry about dealing with payment errors, angry agents, or the possibility of them defecting to one of your competitors. 


Keep Your ISO, Your Agents, and Your Merchants In the Loop

The chain between your independent sales organization, your agents, and the merchants they bring in is one in which every link is of the utmost importance. As such, it’s important that you keep open lines of communication and provide as much transparency as possible between each level in the process. IRIS CRM enables that by connecting you, your agents, and your merchants all through a single system. When you give access to the CRM, you can also give them access to the internal chat tools and the reporting dashboards built into the platform, ensuring they have the same ability to track their progress and easily open lines of communication that you do. On the merchant end, IRIS CRM comes with a full merchant portal that enables you to give your merchants access to certain CRM functions via the web. The merchant portal is fully white-labeled, meaning you can brand it however you see fit, ensuring that it’s your branding your merchants see, not ours. The result is that any issue that arises anywhere in the chain can be quickly and easily addressed, ensuring everyone is fully informed. 


Provide Training to Help Your Agents Succeed

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Not all of your agents are going to be top performers, and it’s important that you know which members of your team are the most in need of training or help. IRIS CRM provides you with the insight you need into their performance through the advanced reporting dashboard. That dashboard allows you to drill down analytics on an agent by agent basis, telling you not only who your bottom performers are, but also providing insight into where they’re struggling. You can even use the listen-in and recording features built into the platform’s power dialer to check in on your agents’ sales calls or review their handling of lead accounts to ensure proper nurturing of qualified prospects. The result is a complete picture of your agents’ performance, their strengths and weaknesses, and the areas in which each could benefit the most from ongoing training. That enables you to not only deliver training when needed but also to tailor that training individually to ensure maximum impact. 


For more information on how IRIS CRM’s industry-leading set of sales and productivity features can help you give your agents a head start in recruiting new merchants, schedule a free demonstration of the software, or, better yet, start your free trial and begin putting the power of IRIS CRM to work for you today!

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