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Highlighting Mobile Electronic Payments–Breaking News…

Payments by smartphone are the hottest concept going… Current events in the merchant services CRM industry are teeming with innovation, and everybody is getting on for the ride! You gotta love it!

Convenience is the Buzz Word

Convenience for mobile consumers–when paying bills, shopping for merchandise in a store or online, eating out, or just grabbing a great sale item on the fly–are spawning hundreds of thousands of merchants to get wise and begin to compete for mobile B2B and B2C business.

Contemporary consumers are revolutionizing their shopping habits by responding to mobile ads and websites which get to the point quickly. They are actually pointing the way for businesses to meet their needs.

As a result, MSP agents are in the right place, at the right time, and can ensure that their state-of-the-art merchant services CRM tools are in the hands of their merchants, keeping pace with the speed of this industry segment.

Consumers are demanding a smooth ride

Mobile customers expect to pick up their phone, open a particular app, and successfully complete a quick purchase.

As loyalty builds between the merchant and their customer—loyalty also builds between the merchant and their MSP agent.

It’s all about a secure, seamless experience, which is especially relevant to B2B buyers.

A recent article at reported that according to “Accenture, 75 percent of B2B buyers say they would buy again from a supplier with an easy-to-use website (portal). And Forrester Research has found that 52 percent of B2B buyers are using their smartphones to search for products, browse catalogs, and read reviews.”

Information is the First Payment

Concessions are everywhere… B2Cs not only want mobile consumer business—they want information. Relevant information helps businesses facilitate the pop up of consumer favorites, in the form of ads and options.

Effective ads are placed in venues which a consumer is known to frequent and repeated according to a person’s behavior.

Safety is the Priority

First, Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth …  Mobile users should not think for one minute that using the same technology for a PC, Mac, laptop, or a tablet is safe to use on a smartphone.

In fact—do it at your own peril.

It is, therefore, incumbent on an enterprise to have “the talk” with employees.

In multi-use cases, the marriage of a particular structure of the enterprise and mobile, safety risk has to be capable of covering the possible gaps between business and personal use, especially with regard to payments, privacy, and other security issues.

Breakdowns in security, on multi-use mobile devices, can and often do happen. This is another merchant services CRM area where MSP agents can help their merchants make those all-important choices.

Privacy Can be Another Payment

From another point of view, however, a related one, is the desire and need for privacy.

The aspect of security on smartphones is most ardently highlighted in the area of mobile payments. Can they be executed in environments that are lauded as a failsafe and therefore trusted? The answer is–not always.

Mobile apps which invade privacy and security are on the rise.

However, testing and development in this area, as well as new strategies for enterprise, mobile payment security–along with secure ways to search for the Location of Things (LoT)–are beginning to move ahead of the problems. This is good news!

Companies who keep up with information and security risk are on the cutting-edge of consumer approval.

The Payments Industry to the Rescue

To be sure, the payments industry is maintaining a close watch on both mobile security and privacy.

On the other hand, for every MSP agent who offers their secure payment services as a vital part of their merchant services CRM programs to merchants who conduct business with mobile customers, there are dozens of apps out there which may not be secure.

Educating merchants and consumers regarding these gaps in safety are of vital interest to the entire industry.

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