How Can IRIS CRM Help Your Business?

Business Sales Improvement

Your business is operating. Merchants appear to be happy. You’re bringing in steady revenue every month.


All of the above may be true for many companies in the payment industry. They’re keeping operations afloat with few red flags and functioning processes within each individual department. Growth is minimal but the basic needs of customers are being met on the daily.


Alternatively, there are also those that are struggling. They might be short staffed for the level of demand they’re up against, unable to deliver on services sold, and/or lacking bigger picture strategy and goals.


If you find yourself in either of the above scenarios, it may be time to invest in a CRM built specifically for those in the payment processing industry. Whether your business is floundering, meeting the minimum, or you’re unhappy with current tools and processes in place, here’s how IRIS CRM can help your business.

Boost Sales

Lackluster sales can be associated with any number of causes. Maybe your sales team is inexperienced or misaligned with the customer support teams boarding new merchants. Or it could be that the product or service your sales team is selling doesn’t meet the expectations of your customers.


More often than not, multiple factors — like those mentioned above — are to blame for poor sales performance. And that’s where the sales tools from IRIS CRM come into play.


From lead management to electronic signature capabilities and visitor tracking, you can equip sales teams to sell smarter than ever before and increase closing ratios by 300%. Having everything they need in one central location also helps managers track relevant metrics so that they can identify areas of weakness for improving.

Streamline Operations

Thanks to our TurboApp integration, your back office can easily board new merchants as deals are closed. A centralized platform keeps teams organized and information readily accessible across departments.


You can also keep tabs on portfolio activity with a visual dashboard that tracks both historical and current performance. And it becomes much easier to verify troublesome merchants with a variety of pullable reports.

Deliver Unbeatable Customer Support

Happy merchants are kept that way with customer service they can depend on. That’s why IRIS CRM provides a suite of support tools for enhancing the experience of both your team and the clients they’re serving.


Merchant tracking gives support representatives the ability to build stronger relationships with proactive outreach around potential flight risks, lost revenue opportunities, and more. Help desk tickets keep ongoing communications organized and accessible across representatives. And our built-in dialer offers the power of a full-featured call center through the convenience of cloud-based software.

Make Strategic Growth Decisions

Everything mentioned above is necessary for streamlining daily operations. But when it comes to strategizing around the future of your business, you need a clear view of both your residual income and profitability.


IRIS CRM provides companies in the payment processing industry with easy access to residual income reports that can be calculated in minutes. Profitability metrics also empower teams to make decisions around tracked growth — in dollars, percent margins, and BPS — over time. The more informed your decisions are around the state of the business, the better you can set future goals and account for times when they may be unmet.

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