How Important Are Dialer Metrics for Your Business?

IRIS Dialer

We may live in a world where texting reigns supreme and calls from robots are not out of the question. But when it comes to sales and support, there’s still something to be said about a voice-to-voice conversation. Dialer metrics can help you draw useful data from these conversations to push sales forward.

55% of customers prefer speaking to a human customer service agent on the phone, over chatbot messaging and emails. Similarly, 41.2% of salespeople still believe that their phone is still the most effective sales tool at their disposal.

Phone calls matter to your payments processing business. 

They foster relationships, close deals, and help to solve problems in real-time. Of course, this is assuming that you have the right tools at hand to maximize their effectiveness.

The IRIS Dialer from IRIS CRM bundles everything you’d need from a high-functioning call center into one centralized, fully integrated package. It puts features like call queues, call forwarding, IVR, and more into the hands of your sales and support staff for further improving process and success rates.

Success rates can be measured using built-in performance analytics. Let’s unpack just how important dialer metrics are for your business.

Better Identify Process Gaps

The right tools and technology are only part of the equation to helping your teams succeed. The other half comes in the form of process. Your agents need to know how to use what’s in front of them in a way that’s streamlined across the board.

With dialer metrics you can better identify the gaps in workflow that are impeding your team’s progress. A dashboard updated in real-time will give you insight into trends around wait time, refusals, dialer hours, and more—painting a holistic picture of what is and isn’t working.

Streamline Sales Training

Success in sales starts at the very beginning with quality training and feedback. If you’re giving agents free reign to pave their own paths, don’t be surprised when it becomes difficult to pinpoint why certain efforts are falling flat.

Through the dialer metrics platform, you can easily download or playback call recordings. Not only are these useful for monitoring agent performance, but they can be used in better educating future hires by example.

Measure Agent Production

As a manager, you can’t help your sales agents get better at their jobs without knowing what they’re doing wrong (or right). Taking a one-size-fits-all approach to the feedback you’re giving won’t get your team to where it needs to be.

Instead, you need to be monitoring agents at both an individual, as well as a holistic level. Using dialer metrics allows you to proactively get in front of missteps before they become habit. They help you to develop feedback that feels more personalized and actionable.

Accelerate Sales Production

With proper feedback and processes in place, your team will be better equipped to do what they should do best: sell. This means more calls made, more talk time on the books, and more sales made over time.

If your agents aren’t producing enough to align with company growth goals, it’s time to identify the cause. See how dialer metrics can benefit your business with a free demo. Schedule yours today!

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