How IRIS CRM Can Help Your ISO

How IRIS CRM Can Help Your ISO

The question of how IRIS CRM can help your ISO take its operations to the next level is really not a question at all: It’s an answer.

You see, our team has been in the payments processing industry for some time now. They’ve rolled with the changes, seen trends come and go, and have pinpointed what’s been lacking among ISOs for some time now: reliable business management tools.

By no means is there a shortage of CRMs on the market. But of the solutions that do exist, few actually address the needs relevant to a high-functioning payment services team. Few accounts for the merchant life cycle or importance behind calculating residuals on a regular basis.

But IRIS CRM does. And it’s our missions to help your ISO accelerate the capacity of your internal operations team from sales, to the back-office, and beyond.

Manage Leads On-the-Go

Any good salesperson knows that closing deals and being tied to your desk doesn’t always go hand in hand. You’re in meetings, networking, in more meetings, and constantly working to develop relationships with potential customers no matter where you are.

Because of this, it’s important to invest in a CRM that’s equally as mobile and flexible. IRIS CRM is all about simplification when it comes to tracking new leads and opportunities. In addition to our suite of sales tools, we also offer a Gmail extension that allows you to perform daily tasks without ever leaving your inbox.

Easily Sign New Accounts from Anywhere in the World

Flexibility also translates to an ability to cater to merchants, no matter where they are. The more accommodating your payment processing service can be on a worldwide scale, the larger your customer base becomes.

For sales teams, IRIS CRM offers electronic signature functionality. Agents can quickly generate proposals for accounts anywhere in the world and eliminate frustrating paperwork delays with e-sign capabilities.

Onboard and Track New Merchants

After a sale is made, the ball passes to your back-office team to ensure a seamless transition. With TurboApp merchant boarding, those in operations have one dashboard to reference for all relevant new merchant information.

IRIS CRM also partners with a variety of payment processors for set-up made easy. The less time that teams spend onboarding new merchants into the system, the more time they have to ensure profitability is at its peak.

Offer Unbeatable Customer Support

With many payment processing services to choose from, its quality of service that can make or break a relationship. You want the bar to be set high for customer support whether a merchant is brand new or a long-time user.

To do that, IRIS CRM provides support teams with easy-to-use merchant tracking dashboards and white labeled portals for customers to access. The help ticket system also keeps a record of all incoming requests and issues so that merchant needs are always met in a timely manner.

Calculate Residual Income in Minutes

Residual income calculations are important to ISOs, which means they’re important to us. At IRIS CRM, we’ve built in dashboards for fast reporting on residuals and profitability.

You can generate detailed overviews of income at a portfolio and merchant level. And for your agents, make sure commission checks are never missed with residuals paid directly through ACH.

How can IRIS CRM help your ISO? Find out for yourself at no risk or charge with a free demo!


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