How IRIS CRM’s Merchant Services Power Dialer Actually Increases Sales

IRIS CRM’s Merchant Services Power Dialer

One of the features that sets IRIS CRM apart from its competitors is the full-featured power dialer built right into the CRM. The power dialer replaces an office’s existing phone system, with the obvious benefits of saving money and streamlining calling operations. But it doesn’t stop there. The IRIS CRM power dialer actually increases a sales team’s ability to close deals by providing a series of tools designed specifically to facilitate the sales process over the phone. Here are just a few of the many ways your sales team can benefit from putting the dialer to work.


Make More Sales Calls

The power dialer is, first and foremost, a productivity tool. It enables your team to make more calls in a given amount of time, and in a numbers game like telesales, more calls mean more sales. IRIS CRM’s power dialer enables your team to queue up their calling lists for the day and to automatically work through them, advancing to the next call as soon as one ends without the need for even a single click. Voicemail drop means your team can leave a message with one click, so that even non-answers can be productively handled as quickly as possible.


Make Better Sales Calls

A sales script is a great tool, right up until the customer says or asks something that goes too far off of it. IRIS CRM enables your agents to improve their sales process and provide better over-the-phone service to your prospects by enabling agents to access full information on the prospect they’re talking to right while they’ve got them on the phone. IRIS CRM’s advanced lead management suite, which stores and catalogs all relevant lead data to provide enhanced business intelligence, can be easily accessed by agents right while they’ve got a lead on the line. That ensures your sales team will always have a complete picture of the prospect they’re dealing with, any prior contacts, their needs, and where that person is in the sales cycle.


Make Calls from Local Numbers

If your agents make sales calls to prospects that live outside your local area, one of the biggest challenges they face is just getting leads to pick up the phone. When people see an unfamiliar, long-distance number pop up on call display, it makes them hesitant to answer, and that hesitation is costing you money. IRIS CRM’s Local Presence feature allows your agents to easily assign their calls a phone number from the local area of the prospect they’re calling, ensuring the person on the other end will see a familiar area code and be far more likely to pick up.


Train Agents Using Their Own Work

Sales is a dynamic field, and no salesperson is ever done learning. One of the best ways to facilitate training is to provide your sales team with concrete examples of both the good and the bad from their own performance and the performances of others throughout the organization. IRIS CRM’s power dialer facilitates this advanced sales training by making it easy for managers to listen in on sales calls, or to record calls right from within the CRM to use later for review and reinforcement. Call recording also provides managers with the ability to make sure their agents are complying with any federal, state, or local regulatory requirements covering telemarketing and phone sales.


For more information on how IRIS CRM’s industry-leading power dialer can help your independent sales organization improve your over-the-phone sales process, make better use of each lead, and close more deals, contact us today to set up a free demonstration!

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