How Netflix Really Works

The Mission Newsletter, 8/15/18

“The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.” — John Milton

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12 Trips That Are More Affordable Than You Think

Travels and adventures provide mind-expanding experiences that accelerate learning and alter our lives forever.

Unfortunately, traveling on a regular basis can be expensive, and for many of us, may feel financially infeasible. But travel is an important way to connect with the world and with yourself.

That’s why we’ve created this list of the best vacations you can do without breaking the bank!

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News That Matters

Health: Knee pads strongly encouraged

Yet another case for bringing roller blades back, baby! In a large study of more than one million people over four years, researchers have found that even minor exercise improves mental health. Participants who exercised reported 43% fewer “bad mental health days” than those who didn’t feel the cool breath of Mother Nature on their baby-soft indoor skin.

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Wealth: Bill for back wages

And you thought the tech industry was bad. Now research suggests the gender pay gap starts way back in grade school with boys getting paid more than girls for household chores. That’s cold, Mom. Ice cold.

“Chores are really practice for adult living, so the problem is it just gets generationally perpetuated,” said Christia Spears Brown, psychology professor at the University of Kentucky.

Studies have shown that girls often work for longer on household chores and get paid much less — boys earned an average of $13.80 a week, compared with girls’ $6.71.

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Wisdom: The Bots Are Alright

Teresa Woodruff was named one of Time magazine’s “Most Influential Persons” in 2013, but according to Wikipedia, she. doesn’t. exist. An AI startup called Primer thinks that just ain’t right.

The company is using an artificial intelligence program called Quicksilver (no, not the sweet American-Australian clothing brand) to read source documents from all across the internet, pick out the most cited individuals, and write a quick bio for them if they have yet to be born on Wikipedia.

“Wikipedia is incredibly biased and the underrepresentation of women in science is particularly bad,” said Jessica Wade, a physicist at Imperial College London. “With Quicksilver, you don’t have to trawl around to find missing names, and you get a huge amount of well-sourced information very quickly.”

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Tech Trends: Reality check on aisle 4?

What do you get after 8 years and $2.3 billion in funding? One augmented reality headset. Worth it! Magic Leap is finally releasing its first AR headset with a $2,295 price tag in only a few cities.

“There are certainly concerns that the company is over-valued, but part of that sentiment comes from a resentment over their secrecy and early (misleading) marketing,” said Stephanie Llamas, vice president of strategy at Super Data Research.

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Marketing Trends: This is mind boggling

No, really.

The Ringer broke down Netflix’s business model. Here’s the quick and dirty:

  1. Thanks to streaming, between 2007 and 2012, the company went from about 7.4 million users to 33.2 million users.
  2. Netflix decided to cut content licensing costs and make its own original programming. (What’s up, Stranger Things?!)
  3. They predict they will have more than 1,000 original offerings to stream by the end of the year putting them in the financial red.
  4. But, original programming pulls in new subscribers which is what investors are psyched about which is why their stock keeps going up, and up, and up, and…
  5. That means they’re starting to target international subscribers.
  6. In one glorious leap of faith, they plan to scale back original production to slash costs and wait for the end to come. Or maybe the beginning. Who knows? Bring on Stranger Things: Season 3!

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Education Trends: Peace Through Innovation

Thanks to Cal State East Bay, future generations may actually have a shot at achieving world peace. The west coast university is launching its new MBA for global innovators program or what it calls “an incubator environment that mirrors the complexity of the international business arena.”

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The Best of What We Are Listening To

How do you maintain and engage users? Andrew Chen, Jeff Jordan, and Sonal Chokshi tackle this question on the latest episode of the a16z Podcast.

As many products and platforms evolve over time, so do the users, some of whom may even use the product in different ways… so what does that mean for engagement, and how can startups analyze their users? “Show me the cohorts!” may be the new “show me the money”…

Listen to: The Basics of Growth — Engagement & Retention

Writer Spotlights

How To Build A Hiring Powerhouse by Matt Treacey

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Lessons From Da Vinci on Work and Life. by Matthew Trinetti

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