Improved TSYS Retail Reporting Integration

Improved TSYS Retail Reporting Integration

IRIS CRM is proud to share that we have released an improved version of our TSYS Retail Reporting Integration for ISOs and agents. We have updated the deposit reporting logic to utilize the exact transaction and ACH dates to improve the accuracy of the data displayed. 

IRIS CRM now automatically reconciles the merchant’s transactions and deposits to the same information shown in Translink, including true next-day funding reporting. Multiple days of transactions that are batched together will have their specific transaction dates, along with the date they were deposited into the merchant’s bank account. 

Prior to the latest deposit reporting updates, only batch dates were being used. Solely using batch dates limited the accuracy of merchant data reporting. The previous method did not make it clear when a batch was actually deposited into the merchant’s bank account, instead, it left room for interpretation based on the last transaction date. By adding deposit data, merchants and ISOs will now see the most accurate reporting data for their transactions, batches, and deposits. 

Reconciling the transaction data with Translink eliminates any confusion around when transactions, batches, and deposits occurred – saving ISOs and their merchants time trying to analyze the reporting data. Improving the accuracy of the reporting data enables merchants, ISOs, and agents to effectively perform operations and financial analysis using the data within IRIS CRM. Enhanced reporting is just one of many features offered by IRIS CRM that benefits merchants which ISOs and agents can leverage to grow their portfolios. 

IRIS CRM’s TSYS Retail Reporting Integration includes daily transactions, deposits, retrievals, and chargeback reporting as well as monthly PDF statements and residuals income calculations. Reporting between IRIS CRM and TSYS is fully automated and helps ISOs streamline their internal processes when working with one or more processors through the same system.


How it Works

Within Translink, the Settled Batches Report provides a list of the batches for a specific merchant. This report includes the Batch Date when the batch was submitted by the merchant and the ACH Date when the funds were deposited in the merchant’s bank account. 

Now, In IRIS CRM, the ACH Date from Translink matches the Settlement Date on the merchant’s Daily Deposits Report. The Daily Deposits table can be found on the first tab, Deposits, of the merchant record. The batch amount, transaction count, and batch reference number can also be found in the Daily Deposits Report which matches the data in Translink. 


Translink Settled Batches & Transaction Report

Translink Transaction Report


IRIS CRM Merchant Daily Deposit Report

Improved TSYS Retail Reporting Integration


After clicking Details for a batch in Translink, the details of each transaction from the batch are presented. In order to view the same information in IRIS CRM, click on the batch in the Daily Deposits table to open the Daily Financials Report. Here, all of the important transaction information for the batch will be displayed and match the Translink details including Transaction Date, Transaction Amount, Transaction Type, Card Type, Card Number,  and POS Entry Mode. 


Translink Deposit Details

Translink Deposit Details


IRIS CRM Daily Financials Report with Batch Details

Improved TSYS Retail Reporting Integration


With all of the same data in IRIS CRM as Translink, merchants, ISOs, and agents will no longer have to go between the two in order to reconcile the data. All of the correct transaction information lives in your favorite CRM so you don’t have to interrupt your workflows by bouncing between sites. 

You can also expect to receive fewer questions about deposits from merchants since the date in their merchant portal will match the date they see the money appear in their bank account. Merchants will also be able to better leverage deposit notifications since all of the data will be aligned. 

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