Increase Your Closing Ratio By 300%

Closing Ratio Boost

“I couldn’t be happier with our decision to use IRIS CRM. Our closing ratio has increased by 300% and I owe it all to the team at IRIS!”

—William Adam Boyd, CEO (toCharge)


There’s never a shortage of moving parts associated with working in sales. On any given day, you might find yourself moving between any of the following tasks: generating leads, engaging prospects, creating proposals, and onboarding new merchants — the list goes on.


With so many things to do and so little time, finding success in sales requires you to be both organized and efficient with the tools at your disposal. Or should we say, tool.


Here’s how IRIS CRM can help you increase your closing ratio by 300%.

Manage Your Leads

Before a prospect ever becomes a sale, they’re a lead. With IRIS CRM’s lead management features, you can easily keep track of incoming contacts and move them down the pipeline.


SMS functionality allows you to bypass the inbox for more direct sales touches. Additionally, with the ability to pre-populate merchant agreements, busy work is minimized. You can skip the data entry and spend more time focused on moving deals through the sales cycle.

Close Deals Faster

Some of the biggest delays in closing deals comes from the customer’s end, not the salesperson’s. And understandably so when considering how busy they can be tracking down approval from decision-makers, sifting through paperwork, and getting their own jobs done.


Luckily, the electronic signature functionality offered through IRIS CRM makes it easy to e-sign new merchant accounts from anywhere. The virtual aspect gives merchants the ability to easily add and edit in additional information as needed, so you’re never left waiting on incomplete applications.


The proposal generator also takes the hassle out of recreating the wheel. It also keeps teams in sync, allowing for easily sharing, viewing, and editing across your sales representatives.

Personalize Outreach to Prospects

Little insights can make a big difference in the effectiveness of your prospecting. This is where visitor tracking comes into play.


You no longer have to send off an email and hope for the best. A view of what your prospects are clicking on and engaging with gives you the ability target them more effectively with relevant follow ups. The more personalized your sales efforts are, the more likely a potential customer is to feel listened to and connected to the payment processing solution you have to sell.

Improve Team Efforts with Data

In sales, it’s not always an “every man for themselves” game. With team quotas and goals to meet, there’s a need for keeping everyone on the same page and encouraging healthy competition when relevant.


Sales metrics-based dashboards help sales managers in achieving just that. It’s easy to track high performers, new accounts, emails sent, and more. Our appointment board functionality also helps you keep track of other prospecting activity, as well as listen in on recorded sales calls for further coaching and performance reviews.


Align your sales efforts at every stage with a tool you can trust. Contact the IRIS CRM team for a free 30-minute tour!

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