Featured Functionality: Integrated Agent Residual Income Payouts

residual income reporting

Calculating agent payouts and getting accurate residual income reports can be a nightmare.

IRIS CRM can provide residual income reporting for over 40 processors and ACH payments directly to sales reps.

The agent residual payouts feature is an integration with SAGE ACH (previously known as GETI).  To get started with this feature simply contact SAGE here and apply for an account or have your existing one updated.

Once the SAGE account is configured just let us know by emailing support@iriscrm.com and we will enable the feature and schedule a training session!


Below you can see how to utilize the feature to pay your teams accurately in minutes:


Step 1

Go to “Residuals” and select the “summary view”:

Residual Payouts


Step 2

Set up an ACH profile for each agent with their bank account details by going to Manage -> Administration -> ACH profiles:



Step 3

Click the “Pay” checkbox for the agents and then click the “Review Transactions” button to continue:

Residual Payouts

Step 4

Confirm that the correct information displays,  select “Confirm Transactions” and then “OK” to complete the payment transaction:

Residual Payouts

Step 5:

The ACH History report will load:

Residual Payouts


Please check out our instructional video below for more details on how to set up and configure this functionality.  You can also find more instructional videos by visiting the IRIS CRM YouTube Channel.

For any questions regarding this feature or any others please contact us or email support@iriscrm.com

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