Integrating Elavon with IRIS CRM: How Two of the Payment Industry’s Leaders Come Together to Benefit Your ISO

Integrating Elavon with IRIS CRM

For 25 years, Elavon has offered merchant and payment services for companies at every level, from the smallest businesses to the largest enterprises. Their ability to provide the right payment solutions, at the right scale and the right price has made Elavon’s merchant services the go-to choice for over one million businesses. They now process three billion transactions each year and are consistently ranked as one of the top payment providers in the world.

While Elavon is committed to providing industry-leading payment solutions to merchants and independent sales organizations alike, IRIS CRM is committed to supercharging your ISO’s productivity by integrating seamlessly with Elavon and making it faster and easier for you to manage your data and accounts.

From advanced reporting to residual calculations, the IRIS CRM’s full suite of sales and productivity features, integrating IRIS CRM with your Elavon account will change the way you do business. And best of all, getting set up couldn’t be easier, even for the most novice of tech users.


Advanced Elavon Transaction Reporting

IRIS CRM boasts a full-featured reporting module that allows you to easily access valuable information on all aspects of your Elavon-related business. Because IRIS CRM integrates directly with your Elavon account, you can access reporting on your batches, individual transactions, and merchant information all from within the CRM. That means you’ll never have to worry about jumping back and forth between accounts and logins, saving you time and streamlining your team’s work processes.

The “daily deposits” tab in IRIS CRM’s merchant details page offers default displays of all batches, including amounts and volume of transactions, as well as transaction totals by credit card type. Simply clicking on any of the linked daily batches drills that data down to the transaction level, displaying amounts, card types, POS entry types, and more.  All transactions are easily searchable, and IRIS CRM enables you to export reports in Excel or CSV format with the click of a button.

Beyond transactions, IRIS CRM’s Elavon integration also provides advanced data on merchants themselves. Clicking on the “account status” tab on the merchant details page opens a set of expandable accordion tabs covering general merchant information, address information, merchant-specific information, Elavon-specific information, information on terminals in use, and PCI compliance status.

Additional tabs available on the merchant details page offers information on a variety of other important aspects of your Elavon merchants, including chargebacks, Elavon statements, and more. This advanced reporting is incredibly valuable as a source of business intelligence, particularly the ability to generate fast, easy to read, meaningful reports on all of your merchants’ transactions. IRIS CRM enables you and your team to make better business decisions by providing you with more complete information, leading to a better-managed merchant portfolio, and improved profitability.


Fast, Accurate Residual Reporting and Calculations

Residuals are at the heart of ISO profitability, and the ability to accurately calculate your residuals and monitor your profitability at both the portfolio and merchant levels is invaluable. Not only is it important for your own profitability, but it also ensures that your agents are being paid out their share in both an accurate and timely manner – an absolute key to maintaining agent morale and ensuring your best people don’t jump ship. Accurate residual and profitability data also allows you to evaluate each of your merchants based on the hard numbers, enabling you to identify your most profitable and most troublesome merchants and to make smart decisions accordingly.

The problem with residual calculations is that they’re complex. There is a lot to take into account, not the least of which is differing terms depending on the agreements that exist with different merchants. Manually handling all of the data necessary to accurately calculate residuals and track profitability is a sure-fire way to introduce human error. All of the necessary data is available through your Elavon account, but digesting it and using it is an incredibly time consuming and frustrating task.

That’s where IRIS CRM comes in. Fast, accurate residual reporting and calculation is one more way IRIS CRM’s Elavon integration can simplify and streamline your ISO operations and help you maximize productivity and profitability. IRIS CRM pulls full portfolio-wide and merchant-level metrics directly from your Elavon account and displays them in a set of clear, user-friendly charts and graphs.

Reports can be generated at both summary and detail levels, and the available data includes:

  • Monthly volume and revenue growth in both dollars and as a percentage
  • Average profit per merchant in dollars, BPS, and as a percentage
  • Monthly BPS margin growth as a percentage
  • Portfolio-wide year-to-date profit in dollars and BPS
  • Lifetime profit in dollars and BPS
  • Merchant-level year-to-date profit in dollars and BPS
  • Lifetime merchant profit in dollars and BPS
  • 12-month-at-a-glance merchant statistics

IRIS CRM’s clear, concise presentation of all this important data makes calculating residuals a breeze. IRIS CRM also enables you to pay out residual commissions to your agents via ACH, directly through the CRM. It’s truly a one-stop solution for residual management, enabling better merchant management, happier agents, and better profitability for your ISO.

The advanced transaction reporting and residual calculation that are unlocked by integrating IRIS CRM with your Elavon account are just two of the many benefits of employing our CRM at your independent sales organization. Designed specifically for the payments industry, IRIS CRM offers a full suite of productivity tools, including lead management tools, customer support functionality, and a white-label merchant portal. IRIS CRM also boasts an industry-leading communications suite, including a feature-rich power dialer, internal chat, SMS messaging, and email management.

Contact us if you’d like to find out more about how IRIS CRM’s Elavon integration and a full suite of advanced productivity and sales features can help your independent sale organization. You can talk to one of our expert support staff or schedule an interactive demonstration of IRIS CRM today. We’re looking forward to hearing from you and to helping you take your ISO’s success to the next level!

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