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IRIS CRM: Live Feature
Release Demonstrations

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Dimitri Akhrin
Live Feature Demonstrations
Presented By:
Dimitri Akhrin
Dimitri Akhrin
President, IRIS CRM

Bringing nearly two decades of payments industry experience to IRIS CRM, Dimitri is passionate about helping clients grow through automation and increasing operational efficiency.

David Conrad
Live Q&A Session
Presented By:
David Conrad
David Conrad
Senior Support Specialist, IRIS CRM

For more than five years, David is a Senior Support Specialist at IRIS CRM and works with clients to implement best practices for processor integrations and workflow management.


We Will Showcase:

Merchant Data Sharing Merchant Data Sharing

Merchant Data Sharing

Clients can now instruct IRIS CRM to send and receive daily merchant data between them.

Transferring portfolio data quickly and securely between clients of IRIS CRM is a game-changer.

Grow your portfolio by building relationships across the ecosystem using our seamless integrations.

Cloud Phone System Cloud Phone System

Cloud Phone System

IRIS CRM now includes a phone system that helps your sales agents and support staff save time.

Provide a better sales process for your agents and a better support experience for your merchants.

Learn how to connect your merchant calls, tickets, and email together through a single system.

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5,000 Phone System Minutes 5,000 Phone System Minutes

Introducing 5,000 Monthly Phone Minutes

Your subscription now includes up to 5,000 calling minutes per month.

Use cases for 5,000 minutes include:

  • 2 Full-Time Sales Reps
  • 4 Full-Time Support Reps
  • 3,000 Calls Per Month
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Residuals Calculations Residuals Calculations

Residuals Calculations

IRIS CRM’s Residuals Reporting Suite offers the ultimate in convenience, business intelligence, and unparalleled calculation accuracy.

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TurboApp Automated Boarding TurboApp Automated Boarding

TurboApp Automated Boarding

IRIS CRM’s TurboApp, makes merchant onboarding possible at lightning speed while eliminating the costly data-entry errors that can eat away at residual income streams behind the scenes and damage an ISO’s residual growth.

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IRIS CRM Mobile App IRIS CRM Mobile App

IRIS CRM Mobile App

IRIS CRM Android and iOS Mobile Applications give your team the ability to handle all areas of operations – from sales to support to management – all through the new IRIS CRM Mobile App.

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