IRIS CRM 2019 Released Features

IRIS CRM 2019 Released Features

If you’re familiar with IRIS CRM, the payments industry’s leading customer resource management platform, then you know we never stop improving and adding features, and 2019 was another big year! Our development team added a lot of exciting new features to the CRM in response to the needs of our valued customers, ranging from improvements in analytics to new third-party integrations to new communication tools, and beyond. The following list represents just a small sample of how we took IRIS CRM’s already industry-leading functionality and pushed it even further in 2019, and 2020 already looks like it’ll be just as eventful!


Residuals Analytics

IRIS CRM has always made residual calculation and management easier thanks to our robust analytics and reporting suite, but in 2019 we took it to the next level by introducing a dedicated reporting dashboard focused purely on residuals. With the new built-in residuals analytics, you can easily generate reports and track trends across all of your various payment processors, merchants, and even custom groups. You can monitor residuals on a portfolio-wide or merchant-level basis, including key financial indicators, industry-specific residual and profitability numbers, and more. As with all of IRIS CRM’s advanced reporting, data is presented in-platform as a series of easy-to-read charts and tables, and can also be quickly exported in CSV or Excel format. 


Multiple Paya and Authorize.Net Gateways

IRIS CRM’s full payments suite provides clients with the ability to accept credit card transactions via Authorize.Net and eCheck/ACH payments via the Paya network. Previously, the system could only handle a single payment processing gateway, but our users told us that to truly unlock the full power of the CRM, multiple gateway integration was required. We listened, and you can now set up multiple Authorize.Net or Paya gateways in the CRM in order to separate transaction handling for different usage scenarios. Gateways are selectable from inside the CRM, making it easy to assign each gateway to the intended transactions and eCommerce applications. This was one of the most common requests from our users, and we’re thrilled to now offer it. 


Zapier Integration

Zapier is a revolutionary new web service that makes it possible to connect a wide variety of web apps and services to help with automation and streamline workflows. As of May 2019, IRIS CRM is now fully integrated with Zapier, enabling IRIS CRM users to tie in over 1500 applications, including Microsoft Office 365, MailChimp, Facebook, QuickBooks, Slack, and more. Integrating IRIS CRM with Zapier is a simple three-step process that requires no special technical expertise to perform. While IRIS CRM’s list of third-party integrations was already impressive enough, with Zapier, the platform can now truly handle anything your business needs it to, making it the most powerful one-stop customer resource management tool on the market. 


Call Outcome Tracking

IRIS CRM’s built-in power dialer is one of the standout features that sets our platform above the competition, and in 2019, we made it even better by giving users the ability to track call outcomes in real-time while on the phone. With the new call outcome tracking system, administrators set the desired outcome options, and operators are then provided with an outcome selection box at the conclusion of each call, enabling them to track the outcome with a single click. Some standard examples of configurable outcomes are:

  • Reached Gatekeeper
  • Reached Decision Maker
  • Voicemail
  • Do-Not-Call Requested
  • Transferred to Sales
  • Transferred to Support

But any outcome you can think of can be easily included in the system. In addition to one-click selection, agents can also manually add call notes right to their assigned outcome. Outcomes are tied directly into the reporting dashboard, making it possible for managers to quickly and easily review outcome trends and agent-by-agent performance, enabling better decision making and more effective calling programs. 


Live System Status Updates

IRIS CRM has unparalleled uptime, but you asked for a way to monitor the status of the system in real-time, and we listened! You can now monitor the status of all aspects of IRIS CRM, including CRM, search, system, and phone services, by visiting You can also view real-time incident reports and track the status of any problems currently being worked on by the expert development staff here at IRIS CRM. This new real-time updating system is part of our commitment to transparency and providing you with the most reliable customer resource management platform on the planet. 


SMS Templates

SMS is the communication method of choice for an entire generation of Americans, and the medium offers some of the highest engagement and response rates of any available. IRIS CRM offers a full SMS suite to enable users to effectively employ text messages for marketing, scheduling, and communication purposes, and the task got even easier in 2019 thanks to our new built-in templates. Our new SMS templates make it possible for users to send out text messages in a matter of seconds by simply selecting the appropriate template and letting the system handle the rest. The stock templates can be easily edited, and new ones can be added in a matter of minutes. Once selected, the system auto-fills the personal details of the recipient upon sending, effectively eliminating the time it once took to draft and send a message. 


Gmail/Chrome Extension

IRIS CRM has long been able to integrate your Gmail accounts and calendars, enabling you to handle your email and scheduling from directly within the CRM. But thanks to the new Chrome extension, you can now reverse that workflow as well. Now, users can access CRM functions, like the lead management suite, directly through their native Gmail accounts as well. That means users can now handle CRM-related tasks even in situations where they might not have access to the CRM itself, like when traveling on the road or using business-center computers. 


These features represent just a few of the many enhancements we added in 2019, but if you’d like to know more about the complete list of functions included in IRIS CRM, contact us. You can sign up for a free guided demonstration of the software, or if you’re ready to start putting it to work, you can start your free trial of the fully functional platform today! 

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