IRIS CRM and TSYS – The Powerful Integration Between the Industry Leader in Customer Resource Management and A Global Leader in Payment Processing

IRIS CRM and TSYS – A Powerful Integration

With over 821,000 merchant outlets across the globe utilizing their solutions, and processed transactions totaling over four billion dollars in 2018 alone, TSYS is without a doubt one of the world’s leading payment processors.

IRIS CRM understands how widely-used TSYS payment processing services are, and that’s why we’ve expanded our customer relationship management tool to offer a robust set of TSYS integrations. Now, TSYS-partnered ISOs can access their important TSYS-related tasks and data directly from within IRIS CRM while simultaneously enjoying the many outstanding management features that our CRM offers.

Integrating IRIS CRM with your TSYS account is a simple matter of requesting a setup from TSYS and letting their team and ours handle the rest. The control, reporting intelligence, and convenience that you’ll unlock by marrying these two powerful platforms together will undoubtedly be a gamechanger for your independent sales organization.


Supercharge Merchant Boarding with TurboApp

Manually boarding new merchants is a time-consuming and tedious process that not only wastes valuable agent time but also introduces the potential for costly human error in the data entry process. With IRIS CRM’s powerful TurboApp automatic boarding feature, you can board new merchant data to TSYS directly from the merchant’s application form, saving time and eliminating many of the errors that could result in rejection.

Boarding an account with TurboApp couldn’t be easier. Each lead profile in your IRIS CRM database includes a “board merchant” button which will open TurboApp. You can also manually open TurboApp from outside of a lead account.

TurboApp automatically checks the application for data entry errors, and if any are found, it’ll block submission and alert you to any fields that need to be fixed. That data verification, combined with the streamlined uploading and processing within TurboApp enables your agents to board new merchants four to seven times faster than in the past!


Generate Useful Business Intelligence with Advanced Transaction Reporting

Careful monitoring, accurate reporting, identifying troublesome accounts, and keeping on top of disputes are the keys to minimizing merchant attrition. Integrating IRIS CRM with your TSYS account enables your team to view all of your key reporting from right inside IRIS CRM with our easy-to-use reporting interface.

When integrated with TSYS, IRIS CRM automatically pulls in all of the relevant data from your account, including:

  • ISO residuals
  • 8 PM daily details.
  • Bi-hourly ADF
  • Midnight daily details
  • ACH balancing
  • ACH 310
  • Credit card downgrade files
  • Merchant details
  • Case actions
  • Concatenated PDF statements
  • PPM pricing profile
  • PPM profitability totals
  • PPM free items
  • PPM to ERG information
  • PPM ERG extracts
  • Monthly MTR
  • And chargeback and retrieval information

It takes all of that dense, yet incredibly important data, and displays it for you in a set of ten straightforward tabs. Each tab displays the relevant information in the most intuitive way possible, including easily readable tables and clear, attractive graphs.

The result is better intelligence regarding your accounts, better situational awareness across every aspect of your business, and improved overall profitability.


Take the Headache Out of Complex Residual Calculations

Residuals are the lifeblood of your ISO’s revenue. They’re also the lifeblood of your agents, and accurately tracking, calculating, and paying out on them are absolutely crucial to success. With IRIS CRM and TSYS, the days of struggling through complex residual calculations are over. IRIS CRM’s residual calculation module offers full portfolio-wide and merchant-level metrics and makes calculating residuals for TSYS merchants and paying agent commissions a breeze.

IRIS CRM’s robust reporting options make it easy for you to monitor all relevant data relating to your merchants’ performance and profitability, enabling you to determine which merchants are your best performers and which might not be meeting your performance expectations. You can quickly and easily view metrics like year-to-date and lifetime profit in both dollars and BPS, including income, expenses, net profit, processing volume, and more. On the portfolio level, you can quickly generate reports on monthly, yearly, and lifetime profitability across your entire portfolio on a dollar and BPS basis.

Not only does IRIS CRM give you easy access to your residual data and automate your residual calculations, but it also makes it simpler than ever for you to quickly pay out your agents’ residual commissions. IRIS CRM enables you to pay your agents via ACH from directly within the CRM, ensuring you they are always paid promptly and keeping morale and loyalty high.


Take Advantage of Unmatched Wholesale and Retail ISO Support

Wholesale ISOs take on an elevated level of risk due to their responsibilities to underwrite losses when merchants can’t handle refund requirements. Retail ISOs don’t take on that same level of underwriting, and as a result, their level of control is more limited and their share of fees is lower. TSYS offers payment processing solutions at both the wholesale and retail levels, and IRIS CRM fully integrates with TSYS’ PPM/Express. That means whether you’re a wholesale or retail ISO, IRIS CRM is right for you.

IRIS CRM offers TYSY wholesale ISOs the ability to take full advantage of the increased freedom and control over their merchant’s accounts that wholesale status provides them. Whether it’s amending a merchant’s bank account details or updating doing-business-as (DBA) information, IRIS CRM users can do it all directly through the CRM, eliminating the need to log in to multiple systems or portals, streamlining work processes, and saving time.

Retail ISOs also have the ability to access all the primary features of their TSYS accounts from within IRIS CRM. So, while retail ISOs don’t enjoy the same level of control over their merchants’ account information, they do enjoy all the same productivity benefits that IRIS CRM provides.

With over 800,000 merchants utilizing their payment processing services and billions of dollars in transactions processed each year, the potential for improved workflow and productivity represented by the integration of TSYS and IRIS CRM is enormous. All TSYS-partnered ISOs, regardless of size or wholesale/retail status, stand to benefit greatly from the incredible features packed into IRIS CRM, as do their merchants, who can also gain access to valuable features like automatic chargeback notifications.

From industry-leading sales tools to advanced residual calculations, communication tools, and automated boarding that increases your team’s capacity by up to 500%, the benefits that IRIS CRM provides to ISOs are undeniable. If you’d like to learn more about how IRIS CRM can revolutionize your team’s processes, we’d love to chat. Contact us today to arrange a demo or take a free 30-minute tour now!

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