IRIS CRM and ZeroBounce Provide Unmatched Email Marketing Delivery Rates

ZeroBounce Provide Unmatched Email Marketing

Mass emailing is an important part of a modern marketing mix. Email is considered less intrusive than calling, and people are often more than happy to provide their email addresses for marketing and advertising purposes. However, there are a number of pitfalls and traps that can seriously damage email marketing campaigns, making success all but impossible. High bounce rates and too many spam complains are two of the most common, and smart email marketers know how important it is to take steps to minimize both. That’s why IRIS CRM was designed to integrate seamlessly with ZeroBounce, the best email validation and verification tool currently available. ZeroBounce provides IRIS CRM users with the ability to quickly and easily optimize their mailing lists, and even individual email blasts, to ensure that their hard work isn’t undermined unnecessarily. 


Automatic List Scrubbing

With ZeroBounce integrated into IRIS CRM, your email list can be automatically scrubbed whenever the validation system detects an invalid email address. There are a variety of reasons why an address might come back as invalid, the most common being that the email includes an accidental typo, or that an incorrect or non-existent email was entered intentionally by an end-user. In either case, these invalid emails generate costly bounces that have the potential to get your email traffic flagged by your email service provider. 

ZeroBounce identifies those invalid email addresses and automatically strips them from your list, ensuring each of your email blasts goes out only to real email addresses with real readers behind them. That not only keeps you on your service provider’s good side, it also increases deliverability rates and can even impact how your email is filtered and placed in the reader’s inbox. 


Spam Trap Detection and Removal

Spam Traps are honeypot-style email addresses set up specifically to catch and report spam, with no human user involved. These addresses are technically valid email addresses, but they have no inbound or outbound communication value. Instead, any email that hits a spam trap’s inbox will be automatically marked and reported as spam. That means having even a single spam trap on your mailing list can be incredibly damaging, as no matter how high the quality of your content is, it’ll always be reported as spam. That can have dire consequences for your sender reputation and your ability to get your email delivered. 

ZeroBounce, together with IRIS CRM, uses a database of known spam trap addresses to check for matches on your mailing list. It also checks your list against a database of real email addresses whose users are known to report an abnormally high percentage of emails as spam. The system and database are constantly updating themselves, ensuring the highest possible probability of your email avoiding spam traps altogether. The result is far fewer spam reports, keeping your IP clean and ensuring your email blasts aren’t blacklisted and automatically blocked. 


Pre-Send Email Validation and Verification

IRIS CRM’s ZeroBounce integration doesn’t only run checks after you’ve sent your emails. The system will also validate your emails prior to sending, warning you of potential bounce triggers and which of your emails are most likely to result in bounces. That heads up enables you to use the email cleansing tool prior to an email blast to ensure the highest possible delivery and open rates. ZeroBounce also provides a tool that checks for emails from potentially high-risk free providers like Hotmail or AOL, in addition to providing information on whether those emails are considered toxic or disposable. 

The combination of IRIS CRM and ZeroBounce represent the most powerful merchant services CRM email validation on the market. To find out more about how IRIS CRM can improve your email marketing and streamline workflows in all other areas of your business, contact us today or schedule a free guided demo with one of our expert support staff!

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