O.B. Rawls lends his 30 years of experience in payments and merchant services, including senior executive roles with First Data, iPayment, and Paysafe, to help guide the future of IRIS CRM’s growth, product development, and service delivery to ISOs across North America.

Brooklyn, New York
– IRIS CRM is pleased to announce that O.B. Rawls, industry veteran and former CEO of Paysafe Global Payment Processing, has joined the IRIS team as our new strategic advisor. Rawls’s resume in the payments industry is near-unparalleled, and he brings decades of valuable experience and knowledge to IRIS CRM. 

Rawls became Paysafe’s CEO of Global Payment Processing after stints as President of Payment Processing for North America and strategic advisor to then-CEO Joel Leonoff.  He originally joined Paysafe after they acquired iPayment, where, as CEO, Rawls led the company through multiple rounds of restructuring and refinancing on the way to rehabilitating their long-term profitability. Throughout his career, Rawls has also served in senior vice president roles with First Data, Hypercom, and Bank of America, in addition to a wide range of executive and managerial positions across some of the industry’s biggest players. 

“We couldn’t be happier to have O.B. working with us,” said IRIS CRM President and founder, Dimitri Akhrin. “We’re all extremely proud of the quality of IRIS CRM’s work and we always need to be looking forward to the next way that we can make the product better and offer our clients more value through new integrations and partnerships.” 

“I can’t overstate how important having O.B. join us as a strategic advisor is to that future growth, and I’m honored to be associated with O.B. as a colleague, mentor, and friend.”

Rawls and Akhrin have known each other for nearly a decade, going back to their first meetings when Rawls was at First Data North America and Akhrin was in the early stages of taking IRIS CRM from idea to reality. 

“I’ve known Dimitri for nearly a decade, and I still remember when he showed me that first demo of the earliest iteration of IRIS CRM,” said Rawls. “It’s incredible to see how far the company has come since then, and particularly where Dimitri and his team have been able to go with the product. I truly believe that IRIS provides a level of customer insight that simply hasn’t been available elsewhere, and I’m extremely excited to lend my experience to the team in order to help the company continue to grow and to continue delivering that value to ISOs.”

Despite everything a highly uncertain 2020 has had to throw at them, IRIS CRM has continued to grow rapidly – in the features and services it offers, its customer base, and the size of its team. Rawls addition comes at a perfect time to help guide that growth into 2021 and beyond – an exciting proposition for everyone involved.





IRIS CRM is the payment industry’s leading customer resource management platform, providing ISOs with all the tools they need for more effective merchant acquisition, higher-quality service delivery, and smarter management, all within a single piece of software. 

IRIS CRM’s built-in tools cover everything from lead management to communications to billing and payments and even telephone sales thanks to its fully integrated, built-in power dialer. It also offers some of the industry’s most innovative features, like the TurboApp boarding application that uses digital MPAs and automation to reduce merchant onboarding time from 30+ minutes to five or less. The IRIS CRM team is constantly adding new features, the newest of which is an integration with Conformance Technologies’ PreComm Toolkit, enabling ISOs to perform the full underwriting process from directly within the CRM.

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