Your Merchant Services CRM Updates: Elasticsearch

IRIS CRM Gets a Major Performance Boost with Elasticsearch 22817

Waiting for your search results to load in your favorite Merchant Services CRM is now a thing of the past!


We are pleased to announce the deployment of Elasticsearch, a state-of-the-art search engine with near real-time search capabilities. Elasticsearch is now a part of the Global Search functionality in IRIS CRM and it’s also available on the My Leads page.


Global Search


You will most likely first notice the performance boost when you run a search using the Global Search box.


After you’ve typed at least three letters, the search box will display the top results in a drop-down pick list. The top results are grouped in one of 4 categories, including Leads, Accounts, Helpdesk Tickets and Documents.



In order to view all of the search results in any of the 4 categories, simply click on the VIEW ALL link shown next to the category label.



It is also possible to show more of the top results right within the pick list by clicking on the VIEW MORE link in any of the shown categories.



If the item you’re searching is shown among the top results, you can open it directly from the pick list by clicking on the item.


My Leads


When you’re working on My Leads, you will find a similar preview functionality as in the Global Search, as well as the same kind of responsiveness and speed.



As an additional improvement, when you enter a search term and hit the Search/Filter button, the search results will load on the same page without reloading the whole page.


The enhanced search functionality has been rolled out to all IRIS CRM instances and is available to customers immediately. No changes are needed in the IRIS CRM settings and the user interface will stay the same.



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