IRIS CRM Integrates with USAePay for Gateway Merchant Onboarding


Merchant onboarding is a crucial part of the business for independent sales organizations (ISOs). The ability to quickly and securely board merchants is necessary to drive residual growth, which is the primary way that ISOs can generate more value for their merchant services business. 

For many ISOs, merchant onboarding is a time-consuming, manual task that can take an experienced employee up to 30 minutes to complete — for a single merchant! Taking this much time to onboard new merchants is not sustainable and introduces an unnecessary risk of data-entry errors to the gateway onboarding process.

IRIS CRM’s integrations with payment processors and gateways make merchant onboarding an automated, quick, and accurate process. Save your employees time while reducing the risk of data-entry issues for your ISO with industry-leading tools like TurboApp and key integrations with leading merchant gateways. 

We are excited to announce that we have added another popular gateway to IRIS CRM’s integrated partners – USAePay. IRIS CRM’s integration for USAePay supports First Data Nashville, First Data North, TSYS, Heartland, Paymentech, MerchantE, Vantiv, and Global Payments.

Read on to see how IRIS CRM’s USAePay merchant boarding integration works and learn how your ISO can start onboarding USAePay merchants efficiently and accurately with IRIS CRM.


What is USAePay?

USAePay is a very popular merchant gateway that has been providing industry-leading solutions since 1998. With a strong focus on technology and security, USAePay is an effective gateway solution for ISOs and their merchants.



Solutions that USAePay provides include Mobile, Ecommerce, Retail, MOTO, Vertical Market, and Merchant Console. USAePay supports all major credit card platforms and shopping carts with secure transactions and fraud prevention.

USAePay provides a lot of value for clients, including improved reporting, more efficient payment processing, strong mobility and connectivity, and decreased risk of fraud. IRIS CRM brings that all to you in a user-friendly integration that makes onboarding merchants from IRIS to USAePay a fast, convenient process.


Enabling IRIS CRM’s USAePay Boarding Integration

ISOs can now use their USAePay Reseller API credentials to onboard merchants directly to USAePay, using existing merchant profile information to increase boarding speed and accuracy.

Enabling IRIS CRM’s USAePay boarding integration is a quick and easy process. To start configuring the USAePay integration, you will need the USAePay Reseller API credentials that were provided when you signed up as a USAePay reseller, including your UsernamePasswordAPI Key, and API PIN. Your Reseller API credentials can be retrieved from your reseller console. Once you have collected your credentials, return to IRIS CRM, click Manage, select Administration, and then type USAePay in the search bar. You can also click Integrations on the left navigation panel, then click USAePay.


USAePay Manage Administration in IRIS CRM


You will now need to enter your USAePay Reseller API credentials, then click Validate Credentials to ensure that the information is correct and the connection can successfully be made. Once you see the confirmation that the integration is connected successfully, click Save Settings to complete the USAePay boarding integration setup process.


USAePay Configuration Log In Page


How It Works

Before IRIS CRM’s new integration with USAePay, ISOs would need to perform double data entry to board merchants. You would need a dedicated support staff to manually input merchant data from each application to USAePay, costing money and time for every single merchant onboarded. Thanks to IRIS CRM’s USAePay merchant boarding integration, your administrative staff will be able to board more merchants in less time and your ISO can generate new residuals – and additional revenue streams – faster than ever.

To get started with boarding merchants to USAePay directly from your CRM, start at the Helpdesk and click Add New Ticket. Select USAePay as the ticket type, search for the merchant you would like to onboard, and click Add Ticket in the bottom right corner:

Add New Ticket for USAePay Merchant Onboarding in IRIS CRM

This kicks off a series of three steps that you’ll need to complete to finish the boarding process to USAePay directly in your CRM.


Step 1: Merchant Details

The first step is to confirm the merchant details, including Merchant Information, Contact Information, Bank Information, and Merchant Settings. Review the data you see for the specific merchant you are onboarding, and then click Next in the bottom right corner once you are ready to proceed:


Merchant Details USAePay Onboarding in IRIS CRM


Step 2: Processing Info

Next, you will arrive at the processing information section. On this page, you can confirm important data like Card Processing Information, Login Settings, Batch Settings, and API Key Settings

Fields marked with a red asterisk are required, and most should already be pre-filled out with existing merchant information. IRIS CRM’s USAePay integration automatically imports all of a merchant’s relevant data directly from the merchant processing agreement (MPA) into the boarding process:

Processing Info USAePay Onboarding in IRIS CRM


Confirm the processing information and click Next to head to the third step. 


Step 3: Pricing

We have reached the final step — pricing. In this step, you can edit and confirm the Billing Options for the merchant you are onboarding to USAePay. There are a few options here so make sure you review to ensure that the settings.

The first part involves defining who pays the Setup, Per Transaction, and Annual Security Fees. This can either be the Reseller or the Merchant for each, depending on the setup.

Next is the Gateway Package. Select from your pre-configured USAePay gateway service packages, then choose the value-added services that the merchant has opted in to. Ensure that the right package and value-added services are selected, and click Finish to complete the merchant onboarding process. 


Pricing USAePay Onboarding in IRIS CRM


Once you have confirmed the pricing information, you are good to go! Click Finish and you will get a confirmation that the merchant has successfully been boarded.

Your USAePay merchant now has instant access to the USAePay gateway services and value-added features, and your ISO has a new source of revenue!


As you can see, this automated process makes it far easier for ISOs to onboard new merchants to USAePay right in their CRM. IRIS CRM provides a variety of benefits for ISOs, spanning all aspects of your day-to-day operation. IRIS CRM can streamline your email communications and calling, supercharge merchant boarding, and improve customer service.

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