IRIS CRM Integrates Worldpay Merchant Services Seamlessly with Advanced Customer Resource Management

IRIS CRM Integrates Worldpay Merchant Services Seamlessly with Advanced Customer Resource Management

Worldpay Inc. was founded in 2017 when U.S. industry giant Vantiv acquired the British payment processor Worldpay for 10.4 billion dollars. Worldpay Inc. is now one of the biggest players on the world stage, processing billions of dollars in transactions around the globe annually. As a result, Worldpay is one of the most common processors for independent sales organizations to partner with, making it a no-brainer for the team at IRIS CRM to build a set of seamless integrations between IRIS CRM and Worldpay’s systems, making IRIS CRM the ultimate Worldpay merchant services CRM. Those integrations enable ISOs to board and manage Worldpay merchants easier than ever before while also offering Worldpay ISO partners the full suite of productivity tools that make IRIS CRM the leading customer resource management tool in the payments industry. 

Automate Worldpay Merchant Boarding with TurboApp 

TurboApp is IRIS CRM’s game-changing merchant boarding tool that makes it possible to board new merchants faster, easier, and more accurately than ever. TurboApp integrates directly with Worldpay’s boarding application system, enabling your team to handle all Worldpay merchant applications directly through the CRM. TurboApp can be launched manually or directly through an applicant’s lead account, and information from a merchant’s application forms can then be imported into TurboApp’s fields, minimizing the amount of manual data entry involved in the boarding process. That automation improves your team’s workload capacity by up to 500%, making TurboApp a valuable tool in reclaiming your team’s time. TurboApp also validates all of the data fields imported into a merchant application to automatically detect any errors, ensuring that the application submitted to Worldpay is error-free. That means that in addition to making the boarding process easier for your team, TurboApp also maximizes profitability by eliminating denials due to errors or oversights in the application paperwork. 


Manage Worldpay and Vantiv Merchants 

In addition to revolutionizing the boarding process, IRIS CRM improves your ability to make managerial decisions by providing you with useable business intelligence on all of your Worldpay and Vantiv merchants. Transaction reporting enables you to monitor your merchants’ performance with data broken down in a number of ways, including by date, credit card type, and more. All of the relevant reporting data is pulled automatically from Worldpay and presented through IRIS CRM’s intuitive reporting dashboard, including monthly volume and revenue growth, average profit per merchant in dollars, monthly BPS margin growth year-to-date profit, and much more. That means you can keep a close eye on how each of your Worldpay merchants is performing and how they’re contributing to your residuals and overall portfolio success. You can also manage your merchants’ account information from directly within the CRM, making important updates like address or vital information changes without ever having to deal directly with Worldpay. 


IRIS CRM is the ultimate tool for independent sales organizations looking to streamline the boarding and management of their Worldpay merchants thanks to its seamless integration with Worldpay’s application and reporting systems. For more information on how IRIS CRM’s TurboApp boarding tool can save your team time and enable them to board merchants up to seven times faster, or on how IRIS CRM’s advanced reporting can help you make better long-term decisions, visit to arrange a free demo of the platform today!


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