IRIS CRM is Ahead of the Curve on Demonstrating Social ROI

Merchant Services CRM


Merchant Services CRM


MarTech Advisor posted an article that marketers should work with the CRM team of their organization to measure social ROI. A particularly strong recommendation they make states, “Another way to prove social marketing value (a path less explored) is to analyze the impact of ‘persona’, behavioral, and stratification data on CRM campaigns and marketing automation — primarily because these campaigns can be accurately tracked and offer a sizable portion of the overall revenue.”

When it comes to demonstrating social ROI, IRIS CRM is ahead of the curve. IRIS CRM is a merchant services CRM that focuses on lead and merchant management. This CRM specializes in meeting the needs of the payment industry by delivering the functionality Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs) need. This system manages their leads, clients, residuals, and includes a field that will track the source of your leads. IRIS CRM users can track where leads come from and as a result, measure their marketing efforts.

As MarTech Advisor recommends, it’s important for everyone in the marketing ecosystem to work together and demonstrate their value. IRIS CRM makes this easier within merchant services by tailoring the CRM to the unique needs of the payment industry. As customers move from social media to sales, IRIS CRM tracks the data that makes the difference in how you run your business.

IRIS CRM reports the data you need to identify techniques that work, while creating an engaging experience for users. If you want to get ahead of the curve, IRIS is the CRM for your ISO.

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