IRIS CRM’s Advanced Merchant Services Software Provides Elavon ISOs with Transaction Reporting and Portfolio Management Dashboards

Integrating Elavon with IRIS CRM

Elavon is one of the world’s most popular payment processors, serving over one million businesses and processing over three billion transactions annually. Naturally, we’ve designed IRIS CRM to integrate seamlessly with Elavon, providing partnered ISOs and agents with a way to centralize their access to important account information, automate the data retrieval process, better manage their portfolios and their Elavon-boarded merchants, and improve situational awareness on everything from individual transactions to overall profitability. IRIS CRM also provides a full suite of communication, lead management, and productivity tools, making it the ultimate Elavon ISO merchant services CRM


Elavon Merchant Portfolio Management

As the old axiom says, you can’t manage what you can’t measure. That’s why IRIS CRM’s Elavon integration provides the data and useful business intelligence necessary to enable directed and fact-based portfolio management.

The key to successful portfolio management is gaining a deep and accurate understanding of your residuals. Unfortunately, residual calculations can be complex, and it can be equally difficult to view and understand the residuals across an entire portfolio in a way that provides meaningful insight. IRIS CRM is designed to solve that problem by automatically pulling full portfolio-wide and merchant level metrics, directly from your Elavon account, and presenting them in a series of easy to understand tables, lists, and graphs. 

The data that IRIS CRM pulls, centralizes, and displays includes monthly volume and revenue growth in both dollars and as a percentage, average profit per merchant in dollars, BPS, and as a percentage, monthly BPS margin growth as a percentage, portfolio-wide year-to-date profit in dollars and BPS, lifetime profit in dollars and BPS, merchant-level year-to-date profit in dollars and BPS, and more. It’s an incredibly thorough and effective portfolio management platform that enables you to make smarter business decisions by providing you with a better view of the big picture of your ISO’s profitability. 

You can also manage individual merchants using the information provided in the “merchant details” section of IRIS CRM. Available information includes vitals like address and contact information, merchant terminals, PCI compliance, and much more. 


Elavon Transaction and Dispute Reporting

IRIS CRM also provides advanced reporting on transactions and disputes, ensuring that you’ll also have a clear understanding of your ISO’s day-to-day operations. The transaction reporting feature automatically pulls information on your batches, individual transactions, and merchant information and lays them out in the same user-friendly way as the portfolio management dashboard. The result is fast and easy access to all the transaction-level data you could possibly want, drilled down to a level of minute detail including transaction amounts, card types, point-of-sale types, and more.

Dispute reporting keeps you one step ahead of any transaction disputes launched and in need of response. The dispute dashboard enables you to easily search and view chargeback and retrieval reports for specific payment processors, users, or merchant groups based on date ranges of your choice. That ensures you’ll have the time and information needed to submit the most successful rebuttals possible within the designated time limits, minimizing potential losses from abusive or fraudulent chargeback requests. 

IRIS CRM provides a better, more streamlined way to manage all Elavon account data, from the most detailed information on individual transactions to the widest-scale big picture profitability considerations. But it also provides a full suite of industry-leading productivity tools to improve your ISO’s workflows and business processes, and to make the jobs of your staff and agents easier across the board. To find out more about how IRIS CRM’s Elavon integrations can improve your business decisions, and how its full productivity suite can save you time and money, contact us today to book a free demo!

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