IRIS CRM – Now On Your Mobile Device

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Your favorite Merchant Services CRM has just gone mobile!

You can now manage leads and use the CRM Power Dialer on the go, right from your iOS or Android devices.


Download your IRIS CRM app for your iPhone or Android device today using the buttons below, or simply scan the QR code with your phone to get the download link:



Let’s take a look at a few quick highlights of the app.


After you install the app enter your site domain and log in with your username and password:



Use the home screen to access your app settings or to log out:



You can make and receive calls using the Power Dialer in the same way as you do in the browser app:



Here is the leads view which shows the leads in their status states:



Use the lead filter to locate leads quickly:



Alternatively, simply type in the name of the lead you’re looking for and the matching results will be displayed immediately:



To view more information on a lead simply tap on the lead’s name in the leads view.

Once the lead is open, you can perform typical lead actions such as adding a note, task, or appointment:



Just got off a call with a potential prospect and want to add them as a new lead?

No problem, just punch in the prospect’s basic information and create the lead in seconds:




And there you go! We hope the mobile app helps you take your game to a whole new level.


Stay tuned for more cool updates coming soon!


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