IRIS CRM Offers Seamless Paya Services ACH Integration

Paya ACH

Cash might not be obsolete yet, but electronic payments are already the preferred payment method of the vast majority of consumers and businesses alike. Debit and credit card payments are inarguably the most popular forms of electronic payment, but ACH payments are also extremely common. IRIS CRM, the payments industry’s leading customer resource management platform, offers independent sales organizations (ISOs) the ability to adopt ACH payments via the platform’s built-in payments suite. That offers some major benefits to ISOs both for sales purposes and payroll and commission management. 


What are ACH Payments?

ACH payments are electronic payments directly between institutions through the automated clearing house (ACH). With ACH payments, the payer gives permission for funds to be debited directly from their accounts and transferred via the ACH directly into the bank account of the payee. As always, there is a small fee involved to cover the cost of the transaction, but the convenience of ACH payments make them extremely popular. Direct deposit payments from an employer to an employee are an example of an ACH payment, as are electronic transfers between bank accounts. One of the most common ACH payment methods is e-checks, in which consumers use an electronic check to make a payment from their checking account rather than writing a physical one. It’s important that businesses embrace the use of ACH payments as consumers and partners demand as many convenient, low-cost electronic payment options as possible. 


How Paya Integration Benefits ISOs

IRIS CRM offers seamless integration with the Paya network – one of the world’s leading ACH payment processors. Using IRIS CRM’s advanced electronic payments suite, independent sales organizations can put Paya and the power of ACH payments to work, with a couple of major benefits. The first is that ACH payments can be easily accepted, which is beneficial for companies selling additional support or services as an additional revenue stream. Even more importantly, ACH payments make it possible for ISOs to pay out residual commissions to agents via direct deposit through the Paya network, ensuring that independent agents get paid out as quickly as possible. That ensures happy agents, and happy agents are loyal and productive agents. Keeping agents happy is a key goal for ISOs, as retaining top sales talent is crucial to maintaining healthy portfolio growth. 


Adopting ACH payments is a no-brainer for independent sales organizations, and IRIS CRM makes it easier than ever. IRIC CRM’s electronic payments suite handles not only ACH payments through Paya network integration but also credit card payments via Authorize.Net. In addition to those payments solutions, IRIS CRM also includes a full host of productivity tools specifically geared towards streamlining operations and sales in the payments industry. That means not only will your ISO benefit from faster, easier residuals payouts, but your team will also enjoy tools like advanced lead management, a full-featured power dialer, a complete set of communication tools including internal chat and built-in SMS, and much more. For more information on how IRIS CRM can help your ISO adopt ACH payments and streamline your sales processes, visit, and set up your free demonstration of the platform today. 

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