IRIS CRM Offers the Best Phone System for Independent Sales Organizations, Built Right Into the CRM

Sales Integrated Phone System Auto Dialer

Customer resource management tools have gained near-universal acceptance across all industries where sales and customer relations are key functions, and there are a number of great CRM tools on the market. But one unique feature that IRIS CRM brings to the table is the inclusion of a full-featured power dialer that provides a host of useful calling tools designed to improve cold calling, telephone sales, and phone-based customer service. The following is a list of just some of the inbound and outbound calling features that make IRIS CRM’s power dialer the ultimate phone system for independent sales organizations (ISOs). 


Outbound Calling

Calling List Queuing 

With IRIS CRM, your agents can build their daily calling lists into a queue in the CRM, which the power dialer will then work through automatically, with no-click dialing, queuing up each call to begin the second the previous one ends. That makes it possible to work through more calls every day, an important boost in a game where success is largely based on maximizing volume. 

One-Click Dialing

One-click dialing enables agents to launch calls with a single click from directly within a prospect or customer account. That means your team won’t ever have to leave the CRM to handle important phone calls, reclaiming lost time and streamlining the calling workflow. 

Voicemail Drop

Handling non-answers can be one of the most time-consuming aspects of calling, and waiting through voicemail introductions and manually leaving messages are extremely inefficient. IRIS CRM’s power dialer eliminates that wasted time by enabling your team to leave a voicemail with a single click and move on to the next call immediately. That makes it possible to leave important voicemail messages without slowing down the calling workflow in any way and represents a huge improvement in agent productivity. 

Local Presence

Out-of-area phone numbers understandably make people less likely to pick up their phones, and as a result, calling from unfamiliar area codes is a surefire way to undercut the success of calling efforts. IRIS CRM’s Local Presence feature allows your team to select the number their calls display as, enabling them to call prospects in other areas or states from familiar area codes, boosting answer rates by up to 65%!


Inbound Calling

Inbound IVR Call Queuing

The power dialer’s built-in IVR system provides you with an automated answering service to route inbound callers to the correct extensions and to automatically place them in a queue when your admin staff or agents are tied up with other calls. You can even record promotional messages to play to callers while they’re on hold. 

Round Robin Call Distribution

Round robin distribution takes your inbound call queue and distributes calls evenly among your team in cases where the caller hasn’t asked for a specific extension. This ensures you don’t overload certain employees with calls while others sit unused. 

On-Screen Call Display

When a call comes in, the team member receiving it will be alerted with an onscreen pop up identifying the caller and, in cases where the caller is already entered into your lead management system in the CRM, providing access to all relevant caller data through their lead account. That means your staff can be ready to deliver fully personalized service the second they pick up the phone. 

Agent Cherry-Picking

IRIS CRM’s inbound calling system enables your staff to cherry-pick which calls they’ll pull from the queue next. That’s important, as you can’t afford to leave your best clients or hottest prospects waiting. With IRIS CRM, your phone agents can view the call queue and ensure they prioritize answering in the way that best promotes the company’s goals. 

Missed Call Reporting

Sometimes calls get missed for legitimate reasons. When that happens, IRIS CRM’s missed call reporting automatically notifies your team with an email or desktop notification so that they can ensure the fastest possible callback times. Additionally, missed call reporting enables you to monitor which of your agents’ miss calls the most consistently, identifying opportunities for training and improvement. 


These inbound and outbound calling features make up only a partial list of everything built into IRIS CRM’s power dialer. It also provides call recording and listen-in functionality to enable managers to perform quality control and employee training, and a full slate of advanced statistics and analytics. Best of all, the IRIS CRM power dialer totally replaces your existing phone system, meaning you can ditch your current monthly phone bill. For more information on IRIS CRM and its industry-leading power dialer, visit today to get in touch with one of our team members or book your free demonstration. 

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