IRIS CRM Revolutionizes Phone Support and Customer Service

Phone Support and Customer Service

While customer service and support are continuously moving towards online-only systems, most customers still prefer contact with a human support agent over the phone. Being denied that service is incredibly frustrating, and your ISO’s valued merchants deserve better. That’s why IRIS CRM’s built-in power dialer is such a powerful tool for ISOs looking to elevate their customer support delivery, enabling support staff to handle not only a higher volume of service calls but to provide a higher level of service on each and every one of them as well. 


Provide Better Telephone Service to Merchants and Prospects

The built-in power dialer included in IRIS CRM makes it easier than ever for your staff to provide the ultimate in customer service to your existing merchants and prospects looking to potentially sign on with your ISO. Integration with the CRM’s lead management system means that whenever a call comes in, an on-screen pop-up will identify exactly which of your prospects or customers is calling so that they can be given personal service from the first hello. It also means all relevant account data can be easily accessed in a matter of a few clicks, ensuring the smoothest, most professional on-phone service possible. When your team needs to make outbound support calls, they can launch those calls with a single click from within any customer or lead profile. The result is a more efficient use of your staff’s time and happier merchants. 


Integrate the Power Dialer with IRIS CRM’s Customer Service Portal

IRIS CRM provides a built-in customer support portal that enables your merchants to submit their support requests via email and automatically generates a support ticket for each request. Those support tickets are then automatically updated and tracked by the system as each merchant is moved through the resolution process. That support system integrates directly with IRIS CRM’s power dialer, so support delivered over the phone can be logged to the relevant support tickets via notes, attachments, or even call recordings. That means every time a support contact is made, the team member handling the call will have full access to the details of previous support, ensuring smooth problem resolution even where multiple staff members handle the same customer service request. 


IVR Routing Ensures Support Calls Are Properly Distributed

IRIS CRM’s power dialer includes a fully interactive voice response routing (IVR) system to ensure that support calls are directed to the right parties and handled as efficiently as possible without the need to transfer your merchants around between from line to line. The system will direct callers to the correct support extensions automatically, and in cases where callers choose a generic extension, the round-robin distribution feature will automatically ensure calls are divided evenly among staff. Support staff can manage their call queues as they see fit, triaging callers based on the severity of complaint or importance of account. 

For more information on how IRIS CRM’s built-in power can help take your ISO’s merchant support to the next level, get in touch with one of our own expert support staff or schedule a free guided demonstration.  

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