IRIS CRM Streamlines WorldPay Merchant Boarding and Portfolio Reporting

IRIS CRM Streamlines WorldPay Merchant Boarding and Portfolio Reporting

In January 2018, Vantiv acquired WorldPay Group to form WorldPay Inc. in a blockbuster merger. Today, WorldPay is owned by FIS Global, a behemoth player in payment processing and money transfer that moves nine trillion dollars around the globe annually. WorldPay’s payment processing solutions are used by thousands upon thousands of merchants in the United States, United Kingdom, and around the globe, and they represent just one of the many leading payment processors that seamlessly integrate with IRIS CRM, the payment industry’s leading customer resource management platform. IRIS CRM’s WorldPay merchant services CRM integration enables faster boarding and clearer, more useful reporting, in addition to a host of business-changing productivity tools.  


Merchant Boarding Made Easy

With IRIS CRM’s advanced TurboApp feature, onboarding new merchants to WorldPay has never been easier. IRIS CRM’s integration of merchant boarding and lead management means that the boarding process can be started in just a few clicks from right within a prospect’s profile in your CRM. Clicking the “Board Merchant” button in any lead’s profile will automatically launch TurboApp, or you can launch the application manually just as easily. Once a TurboApp application has been started, the software will automate as much of the data entry process as possible, pulling information directly from the merchant’s digital application form and minimizing both the time it takes to complete the process and the opportunity to make errors. The result is faster, more accurate merchant boarding that saves your agents time and effort and significantly reduces the chances that an application will be rejected due to completion or data entry errors.

TurboApp is such an effective system that it will enable your agents to board merchants up to seven times faster, and your overall boarding capacity will be improved by up to 500%. That means a more effective workforce for your ISO, better commissions for your agents, and greatly boosted residuals. 


Advanced Portfolio Reporting

Once your merchants have been successfully boarded, it’s crucial that your ISO’s management team be able to monitor their progress and their contribution to the profitability of your portfolio as a whole. IRIS CRM’s integration with WorldPay’s reporting data feed automatically pulls in all of the portfolio-wide information you need to make smarter management decisions, including portfolio and merchant-level data on your residuals, as well as complete information on your merchants, their systems, PCI compliance and more. The result is better business intelligence, better decision making, and the ability to keep a close eye on each of your merchants, identifying which are your best performers and which might require review. 

All reporting data is automatically pulled by IRIS CRM on a daily basis so you’ll always have the most up to date information at your fingertips whenever you need it. The data is synthesized and delivered to you through the IRIS CRM reporting dashboard in a series of user-friendly tables and charts, all easily sortable and searchable by date, group, or merchant. You won’t find a more straightforward way to review and understand your important WorldPay account data than with IRIS CRM’s advanced portfolio reporting. 


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