IRIS CRM: Track Co-Sponsor at TRANSACT Connect 2020

TRANSACT Connect 2020

IRIS CRM will be participating as an exhibitor at the upcoming TRANSACT Connect conference, and we are inviting you to see us in action via Livestream. The event is a first-of-its-kind and comes at an extremely critical time for the industry – a time when selling online has never been more important.

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During the show, IRIS CRM will be discussing how to use our Zapier Integration to help you sell more merchant accounts transferring data easily. Using these tools together, you will be able to scan business cards automatically, avoid time-consuming data entry, and generate more leads. That means more sales, and it means more income! 

Better yet, the automated processes we will discuss during this presentation will allow you to handle much of your lead generation and sales process entirely automatically AND remotely. You’ll be able to continue bringing in new clients, handling transactions, and generating profit, even while the world has come to a standstill.

These strategies and integrations go further though. Helping you to minimize user error, improve security, and better handle those large amounts of data. That means less time spent dealing with mistakes and more time spent bringing in paying customers.

Efficiency and the smart use of tools as force multipliers is the key to a highly successful business model. And where better to learn about that?

TRANSACT Connect is an online show focused around payments technology. Organized by Electronic Transactions Association, the largest payments industry trade group, this event will be a groundbreaking virtual event featuring financial institutions, networks, payment companies, FinTech, and other technology innovators. 

Of course, in-person conferences are out of the question right now. But there is still a huge amount to be gained for businesses sharing knowledge and tips. In fact, there has never been a more important time to start optimizing and utilizing technology in order to overcome and adapt to the challenges we’re faced with.

And so it is only appropriate that TRANSACT Connect continues in the form of a video conference – leveraging technology to continue pushing forward and making a positive impact even during times of challenge. We are using the precise same technology to continue thriving now, the same technology that we can leverage to build stronger, more secure, and more efficient businesses. As they say… the show must go on!

The show will feature a host of other brilliant speakers, each with fantastic insights and tips to help you streamline your business and improve your operations. 

Just some of the other industries that will be represented include law firms, fraud prevention, data security, ISO, financial institutions, digital currency, FinTech, and more.

So join us, as the forefront of digital efficiency, security, and data management. Help us to build a better future for countless businesses across the globe, and be a part of a meeting of minds that wouldn’t have been possible a decade ago.

Join us at TRANSACT Connect on May 11th until the 15th. Learn about the past and future of payments technology, and gain insights that will help transform your business. We can still move forward.

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