IRIS CRM Welcomes Ashvin Dhawan as Senior VP of Sales

IRIS CRM Welcomes Ashvin Dhawan as Senior VP of Sales

IRIS CRM is excited to announce our new Senior Vice President of Sales, Ashvin Dhawan. Ashvin is a seasoned sales professional with experience in the merchant services and retail banking industries. Prior to joining IRIS CRM, Ashvin was with Fiserv for over 6 years as a Senior Sales Director. Ashvin began his career with Washington Mutual (acquired by JP Morgan Chase), spending over a decade in retail banking. 

In his new role, Ashvin will oversee IRIS CRM’s sales team and lead the growth of client acquisition. Ashvin’s approach to sales, and a key contributor to his success, is to be a problem-solver for businesses. This is also what attracted him to his new role; he sees IRIS CRM as an ideal solution for ISOs, sponsor banks and merchants alike to better deliver their services in order to grow their businesses and compete in an ever-evolving economy. 

We are looking forward to having Ashvin on our team to continue to build on IRIS CRM’s growth. We invite you to connect with him on LinkedIn and introduce yourselves at the next industry conference. 

More About Ashvin Dhawan

Ashvin is a first-generation American, the son of Indian immigrants. He grew up on Long Island and now resides in Queens, NY. As a kid Ashvin would help his mom run her small business selling handbags, jewelry, and other accessories. This experience has fueled his desire to help small businesses throughout his career. 

Ashvin’s career started at a young age when he was an intern at Washington Mutual as a 16 year-old high school student. This first job led to over a decade in the retail banking space as a Banker and Branch Manager with J.P. Morgan Chase where he received the President’s Club award numerous times. 

As his role as a Branch Manager evolved over time, Ashvin realized he wanted to get back to doing what he loved – sales. He also learned more about the growth potential in the payment processing industry and saw it as a great opportunity for himself to grow personally and professionally which led him to Fiserv (First Data at the time). At Fiserv he could leverage his knowledge of retail banking working in banking partnerships while learning a new industry that he quickly found a passion for. 

Similar to his past experience, Ashvin quickly found success in his new role and industry, receiving Fiserv’s Chairman’s Council award multiple times. A key factor to his success is his approach to sales which Ashvin characterizes as, “Being a problem solver for businesses. Sales is all about educating and helping. If you do it the right way, it doesn’t feel like you’re selling, it feels like you’re helping.” 

Ashvin was initially drawn to IRIS CRM due to the solutions it offers merchant service providers and their merchants to grow their business. Ashvin is excited by IRIS CRM’s ability to unify all of the core operational data that clients need. As the technology landscape continues to rapidly evolve, especially within payments, he believes IRIS CRM has the ability to grow with the changes in order to provide an increasing number of solutions to help clients succeed. 

Outside of work, Ashvin is passionate about traveling and learning about different cultures. He finds that some of his best life lessons – personal and professional – are learned while traveling. In his experience, simply observing how other countries, cultures, and people do certain tasks or approach day-to-day life can give you a whole new perspective on your own life that can result in impactful changes. 

Ashvin has hit the ground running with IRIS CRM by merging his experience and talent with the best-in-class solutions offered by IRIS CRM. We are excited to have him join the team to help continue our growth and strengthen our partnerships with current and future clients.

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