IRIS CRM’s Advanced Merchant Portfolio Reporting Tools

Merchant Portfolio Reporting Tools

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Knowledge is power, and your ability to manage and lead your independent sales organization is directly related to the quality of business intelligence you have available to you. IRIS CRM, the payments industry’s leading customer resource management tool, understands that, and as a result, it includes one of the most advanced reporting suites currently on the market. When it comes to keeping track of your merchants – the drivers of your residuals and your ISO’s growth – IRIS CRM’s merchant portfolio reporting tools provide you with all the information you need to ensure optimized performance, healthy growth, and strong long-term relationships. 


Maintain Full Awareness of Your Merchants’ Performance

The health of your ISO depends on the performance of your merchants. As a good manager, it’s your job to maintain constant awareness of how each of your merchants is performing so that you can prioritize your top performers as necessary while also identifying merchants who could use some help. IRIS CRM’s merchant portfolio reporting tools provide you with complete situational awareness by enabling you to drill down a wide variety of data on a merchant by merchant basis. For each individual merchant, you can track transaction volume, transaction value, payment methods, gross sales totals, and much, much more. The overview page also automatically displays your top 5 merchants over a configurable date range, as well as your top payment types, enabling you to quickly check in on your most important merchants at a glance. The dashboard offers quick access to detailed reporting on your inbound tracking, lead feed, most recently viewed merchants, recent activity, and more. 


Minimize Attrition to Protect Residuals

Merchant attrition is a serious problem. It’s far more expensive to acquire a new merchant than to keep an existing one, and with the national attrition rate as high as 15%, attrition is a problem you can’t afford to ignore. The key to keeping your merchants on board – and in turn, protecting your residuals – is to ensure you’re offering unparalleled customer service and identifying your merchants’ struggles early on so that you can help them to improve. That ability to do that is driven by data, and IRIS CRM’s smart reporting and notifications make it possible for you to create preset conditions that will alert you whenever your merchants fail to meet certain sales or profitability thresholds. That ensures you can offer the fast, prompt service that will keep your merchants’ loyal while also helping them bolster their businesses, resulting in higher residuals for you.  


Keep a Close Eye on Chargebacks

Chargebacks are costly, and not just in lost revenues. The last thing you want is to get on the bad side of the card companies, so it’s crucial that you keep a close eye on disputes so you can identify any merchants that are generating too many and solve the problem early. IRIS CRM offers robust dispute reporting and automatic notifications to ensure you’ll always have a clear picture of your dispute rates and that no chargeback requests slip past without you knowing. That ensures that your merchants can file timely responses to have the best shot of beating disputes. It also ensures that you can identify troublesome merchants that might be more risk to your ISO than they’re worth. 

These important merchant portfolio reporting tools are all included in IRIS CRM’s wider reporting dashboard – an advanced analytics system that automatically takes in a constant stream of data from your payment processing partners and turns it into easily readable, useful business intelligence in a matter of a few clicks. For more information on IRIS CRM’s full reporting suite and all the areas of your ISO’s operations that it can shed new light on, schedule a free guided demo today

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