IRIS CRM’s Paysafe Payment Processing Integration Supercharges Boarding and Reporting for ISOs and Agents

IRIS CRM’s Paysafe Payment Processing Integration Supercharges Boarding and Reporting for ISOs and Agents

Paysafe is a leading provider of electronic payment solutions offering payment processing for both online and brick and mortar businesses. They offer fully integrated solutions direct to merchants as well as through partners agents and independent sales organizations (ISOs), and the company has recently taken steps to break into the lucrative and rapidly expanding in-game payments market with their new iGaming platform. 

IRIS CRM integrates seamlessly with Paysafe, enabling ISOs and agents acting as Paysafe partner to supercharge their onboarding and reporting while also enjoying the full list of productivity-boosting features that make IRIS CRM the leading customer resource management tool in the payment processing industry. 

Boarding Paysafe Merchants with TurboApp

IRIS CRM makes boarding merchants to Paysafe and other payment processors easier than ever thanks to our unique TurboApp automated merchant boarding platform. TurboApp enables ISOs to board new merchants from directly within the CRM, pulling data from merchant applications submitted using IRIS CRM’s built-in eSignature functionality. That synthesis of application and boarding automates as much of the process as possible, minimizing the amount of data that needs to be manually transferred from application forms to the boarding portal. With TurboApp, agents only need to validate many of the fields and forms that would previously have to be filled out manually from scratch. That means significant time savings and a huge reduction in the costly data entry errors that can result in the rejection of otherwise fine applications. In fact, TurboApp is so effective at streamlining the boarding process that it enables agents to submit new merchants four to seven times faster than traditional manual entry and boosts ISO boarding capacity by 500% or more!

IRIS CRM’s Advanced Paysafe Reporting

The benefits don’t just stop at huge improvements in boarding efficiency. IRIS CRM also provides an advanced reporting suite that integrates directly with Paysafe, enabling merchants to access their Paysafe account and transaction data right from within the CRM. Paysafe merchant and transaction information is automatically imported by the CRM daily, ensuring merchants always have access to the useful business intelligence they need in a matter of a few simple clicks. Merchants can also choose to quickly and easily import their monthly residuals file to expand the data available even further. The reporting suite enables merchants to view the information on their deposits, memos, transactions, retrievals, chargebacks, and more through a series of easy to read tables and graphs, making it easy for ISOs and agents to determine how their portfolios are performing, which of their merchants are the most and least profitable, and where opportunities for improvement lie. 

In addition to providing faster Paysafe boarding and unmatched automatic reporting, IRIS CRM also offers a full suite of productivity tools to streamline all agent and ISO business processes, from email communications to scheduling, to billing and payments, to calling, to lead management, and beyond. To find out more about how our Paysafe CRM software can boost your independent sales organization’s profitability through advanced customer resource management, contact us today to book a demonstration!

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