IRIS CRM’s Top ISO Sales Tools

IRIS CRM’s Top ISO Sales Tools

Payment processing is an extremely competitive industry, and independent sales organizations (ISOs) and payment facilitators (PayFacs) that want to grow and thrive need to find ways to work smarter and outcompete the field. Building a tighter, more efficient sales process from the top of the funnel on down is one of the best ways to generate a competitive advantage, and IRIS CRM – the industry’s top customer resource management system – is designed specifically to help ISOs and PayFacs do exactly that. IRIS CRM includes an entire suite of sales tools designed to help ISOs remove friction from the sales process and improve everything from their lead management to proposal generation to scheduling and beyond. 

The following is a brief overview of just a small fraction of the productivity and sales tools included in IRIS CRM and how each can help every ISO and payment facilitator keep their funnel full and turn more leads into signed merchants. 


Lead Management Tools

Leads are the lifeblood of all sales processes, and leaks in a sales funnel are one of the costliest and most frustrating challenges most sales organizations will eventually run into. IRIS CRM’s lead management tools make plugging those leaks and getting more from each lead faster and easier than ever. The lead collection system enables new lead accounts to be created automatically whenever prospects take certain actions, including filling in web forms, clicking links in emails, and even making first contact through inbound phone calls or SMS messages. Once a lead is in the system, it can be automatically categorized based on trigger events, including email opens, contacts, meeting scheduling, elapsed time without contact, and more. By removing the burden of manual lead management, IRIS CRM saves agents time, ensures the top of the funnel is always full, and stops hot leads from slipping through the cracks. 


Electronic Signature

IRIS CRM provides processor-certified electronic signature functionality through Adobe Sign, enabling ISOs to take all their most important paperwork fully digital. eSignature offers a variety of benefits to the sales process. It provides elevated convenience by allowing merchants to do all their paperwork without having to print, scan, or mail a single page. Digital forms also allow data validation to be performed automatically as they’re filled in and submitted, ensuring no key information is left out or misentered, taking time-consuming and error-prone work off sales agents’ plates and ensuring more applications are successful. Finally, electronic signature forms allow the boarding process to be performed through TurboApp, reducing the time it takes to onboard a new merchant from 30 minutes or more to five or less. The convenience, cost savings, and accuracy of digital forms make them an easy choice over inconvenient, time-consuming, and space-eating traditional paper forms. 


Visitor Tracking

Visitor tracking is a unique CRM feature that uses cookies to track leads entered into the system as they interact with an ISO’s website. As a lead visits different pages and clicks on different links, those interactions are recorded to the notes section of the lead’s profile along with the time spent on each page. Visitor tracking is extremely valuable to sales agents because it gives them a transparent source of insight into a lead’s interests entirely behind the scenes, enabling the sales process to be more targeted from the very beginning. For instance, if an agent pulls up a lead account in preparation for a call and sees that the prospect has spent the most time reading about next-day funding, they’ll have a head-start on understanding that prospect’s needs. Coming to the table ready to meet that need both makes a good impression on the prospect and shortens the length of the sales process by minimizing the time it takes to explore needs. 


Sales Metrics

You can’t manage what you can’t measure, and IRIS CRM’s sales reporting tools give managers fast, easy access to the data they need to make great decisions and plan for the future. IRIS CRM’s reporting dashboard provides in-depth analytics on a number of sales-related performance indicators. In a matter of a few clicks, managers can generate custom reports showing everything from new accounts generated to emails sent to time spent on calls and beyond. Reports can be configured to show any time period desired, and the extensive filtering options make it possible to find relevant information without having to sift through a sea of unwanted data. By keeping a close eye on sales operations and the performance of agents, managers can identify potential problems and opportunities for improvement as early as possible and make better decisions using actionable data. 


Appointment Board

The appointment board is a sales productivity tool designed to make it possible to see an entire sales team’s weekly appointments at a glance. Managers and individual agents (with the right permissions) can choose to view a single agent or an entire user class, and the appointment board lays out the appointments for each day of the work week, broken down by confirmed, rescheduled, seen, and set statuses. The appointment board enables users to easily track the progress of appointments to get a snapshot of the week’s workload and overall productivity. Users can also click through each appointment to access the lead’s account or any recordings associated with the appointment that have been saved through the power dialer


Proposal Generator

The proposal generator enables agents to put together professional sales proposals in minutes using the data already included in the CRM and an easy-to-use dashboard that automatically compiles the final document. Agents can build proposals around whatever fee structure they choose, including interchange-plus, tiered, and enhanced recover reduced (ERR) pricing schemes. Agents can also view important KPIs like ISO profitability while building out reports to ensure the pricing and terms they’re offering work for their ISO. The proposal generator ensures continuity in an ISO’s proposal creation and reclaims a significant amount of time by turning a slow and tedious job into a fast, efficient one. 


Gmail and Outlook Calendar Integration

IRIS CRM allows sales agents to integrate their Gmail or Outlook calendars directly into the CRM, enabling two-way syncing and management. By centralizing calendar management in the CRM, agents can minimize the number of platforms they have to juggle, saving them time and reducing the potential human error associated with jumping between distinct systems and copying data back and forth. Users can also capture customer information from their calendars directly into the lead management section of the CRM, enabling scheduling and calendar management to feed and improve the CRM as a whole. Permission-based management also enables a master calendar to be created and easily maintained for entire sales teams. Master calendars can be managed by team leads or admin staff, minimizing scheduling conflicts and ensuring every member of a sales team is always on the same page. 


IRIS CRM is designed specifically to help meet the unique challenges faced by independent sales organizations and payment facilitators. It’s packed with innovative and helpful sales tools like the ones mentioned above, but its utility doesn’t end with sales. IRIS CRM also improves everything from operations to administration to communications and beyond. To see everything the platform has to offer your ISO, schedule a free demonstration of IRIS CRM today.

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