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Is Entrepreneurship Overhyped And Glorified?

Entrepreneurship has become something of a trend these days.

It is the ‘in thing’ to do with your life.

Oh my god, you are one of those entrepreneur people right? No. Way. That is like soo cool. I’ve see your Instagram, it is so legit. It seems like that lifestyle is totally for me. Maybe I should become an entrepreneur too?


But is it really all that good?

The Unfortunate Reality

It seems folks have been watching too much ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’.

Or maybe just been scrolling through too many Instagram feeds from ‘self-made’ millionaires, and other entrepreneurs who have ‘made it’.

Their life looks fucking unbelievable doesn’t it?!

Well, here is the thing.

That ain’t what you are signing up for. At least not in the beginning.

Unless you are starting with a foot up, like being born into a reality tv show, you are starting right from the bottom like the rest of us — and it ain’t always pretty down here.

The reality of it is that entrepreneurship is so damn hard. It requires endless sacrifices. It requires you to give up your time, relationships and your other ambitions.

It requires 150%, even when you’ve only got 100% to give.

Success won’t come quick, if at all. I’ll not bore you with the stats of how many don’t succeed, but the number is frightening.

The figures amount to a lot of effort, a lot of dedication, and a lot of blood, sweat and tears, for nothing.

You read stories of people losing literally everything over their dream of starting a business.

It is not for everyone. I cannot stress that enough.

And yet, the number of startups and entrepreneurs are still on the up. That can attributed to the lack of jobs and opportunities, but the lust for this ‘life’ is still growing.

And yet, as stated above, more and more fail.

People forget that what they see around them is only the success stories. The Gary V’s. The rest are only sharing half their story as to how they got started. Others are just great at bullshitting.

Don’t get sucked into it because of what you see. Most of it does not reflect reality.

If you are becoming an entrepreneur believing that it will instantly change your life, think again.

Shit is about to get really hard for you.

So is it overhyped?


Is it glorified?


Here Is A Better Question.

As overhyped and glorified as it is, it can be a wonderful thing.

If you are in it for the right reasons, starting your own thing can change your life.

If you are in it to learn, to develop, to better yourself, to help others, to guide others, to share with others, to live your passions, to build something that will change the world, it could be the best thing you ever do.

Forget #entrepreneurlife and all the ‘fake it till you make it’ bullshit that is everywhere you look.

Become an entrepreneur because you want to.

Become an entrepreneur because you believe it is the right thing for you.

Then you can ask yourself a better question-

Is entrepreneurship worth it?


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Author: Stephen Moore

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