Is Your ISO Looking for a Paysafe CRM? IRIS CRM is the Leader in Paysafe Customer Resource Management


Paysafe is a global leader in electronic payment processing, providing services to merchants all over the globe, both direct and through independent sales organizations like yours. Their robust set of merchant solutions makes them a popular choice for both online and in-store processing, and more recently, even in-game payments. Partnered ISOs reselling Paysafe’s services benefit from the reputation and trust associated with the Paysafe name worldwide, and now, thanks to IRIS CRM, they can also enjoy the sales and productivity benefits of a full-service customer resource management tool as well. 


Supercharge Your Sales Process and Close More Deals

IRIS CRM provides the advanced sales tools your agents need to generate healthy growth in your merchant portfolio. The platform’s advanced lead management tools make it easier than ever to generate lead accounts and track every prospect through each stage of the sales cycle. The ability to automatically tie all communications and contacts to each lead account, including telephone calls, email,  and meeting notes, means that your sales team will always have perfect situational awareness of every potential client. That enables your team to provide a higher level of personalized service and to move merchants from prospect to signed partner faster. 


Streamline Administration and Work More Efficiently

In addition to making your sales team’s job easier, IRIS CRM also makes your job easier as a manager, as well as the jobs of all of your administrative staff. The platform brings all of your communications into a single point of control, eliminating the time your team wastes switching back and forth between multiple logins and platforms. It even provides a full-featured power dialer that replaces your existing phone system, eliminating your current monthly phone bill. The advanced reporting covers the entire CRM, enabling you to pull detailed reports and analytics on all areas of your team’s performance, from call effectiveness to web traffic, to closing rates, and beyond. 


Integrate Directly with Paysafe’s Boarding and Reporting Systems

IRIS CRM integrates seamlessly with PaySafe, making it the ultimate Paysafe customer resource management tool. Paysafe data is automatically pulled into the platform and converted into an easy to read series of charts and tables in the IRIS CRM reporting dashboard. That gives you a complete picture of your merchant and portfolio-level analytics – the business intelligence you need to make the best possible strategic and tactical management decisions in the pursuit of increased growth and profitability. 

IRIS CRM also includes the advanced TurboApp boarding tool, which integrates directly with Paysafe’s boarding system, enabling your agents to automate as much of the onboarding process as possible. TurboApp automatically pulls information from a merchant’s digital application and validates the data within the boarding tool, minimizing both the time it takes to board new clients and the potential for human error during data transfer. That means an increase of up to 500% in boarding capacity, and more merchants successfully added to your portfolio. 

For more information on how IRIS CRM can streamline your ISO’s Paysafe partnership and merchant handling, visit to request a free demonstration of the platform or start your free trial today.

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