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IRIS CRM is the world’s leading customer resource management platform designed specifically for the payments industry and independent sales organizations like yours.

IRIS CRM provides ISOs with the tools they need to automate and streamline their most common (and most time consuming) daily workflows. It makes everything from prospecting to sales to service delivery, residuals management, merchant support, and beyond is made faster and easier.

Provide your managers, independent sales agents, and your entire ISO team with the ultimate tool to drive stronger growth and fatter monthly residuals – IRIS CRM.

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What is Customer Resource Management?

What is Customer Resource Management?

Customer resource management (CRM) is really two things – it’s a concept and a set of tools. CRM as a concept is basically a set of strategies and practices designed to improve how companies interact with existing and potential customers to maximize the quality and value of their relationships.

On the tool-side, a CRM is a type of software designed specifically to facilitate and automate every customer-facing process a business performs in normal operations. From prospecting and lead management to sales, to client management, to marketing, administration, and beyond. A high-end CRM platform does it all.

It’s no wonder that CRM technology has become so popular and so ubiquitous in essentially every industry where sales and customer management are crucial to success – including payment processing.

Why CRM Is So Important to Independent Sales Organizations

Why CRM Is So Important to Independent Sales Organizations

CRM tools have quickly become mission-critical software for ISOs because of how many of an ISO’s most important functions CRM directly applies to. That’s especially true with a platform like IRIS CRM, which was designed specifically with the payments industry and independent sales organizations in mind.

In order to keep their residuals portfolios growing and healthy, ISOs depend on a team of in-house or independent agents to bring in a constant stream of new, high-quality merchants. There is no better tool to empower those agents than CRM software. Once a merchant has been signed, CRM makes it easy to manage that merchant for the lifetime of their operations, and, more importantly, to build the strong relationships and deliver the quality service that keeps top merchants happy and loyal.

Internally, a good CRM platform streamlines workflows throughout your organization. A CRM vastly improves everything from daily communications, to marketing, to scheduling, to document storage and handling, and more, all while reclaiming significant time, and reducing costs by cutting waste.

Finally, a payments-specific CRM like IRIS CRM offers a variety of tools designed specifically to enable ISOs to run smoother, more profitable operations. IRIS CRM includes an advanced, proprietary boarding tool that can speed up your merchant onboarding by 500% or more. It also offers an industry-leading residuals analytics suite that makes it easier than ever to keep track of an ISO’s growth, calculate monthly residuals, and payout agents quickly and accurately.

In short, if your company isn’t using an ISO-specific customer resource management tool yet, you’re sitting on a goldmine of untapped sales, efficiency, and merchant service improvements just waiting to be unlocked.

Reach out to the IRIS CRM team to find out more about how customer resource management can revolutionize the way your ISO does business today!

How IRIS CRM Can Revolutionize All Areas of Your ISO’s

Independent Sales Organization Lead Management

IRIS CRM includes an advanced lead management suite designed specifically to give your agents the tools they need to succeed. New leads can be easily entered in a matter of a few clicks or generated automatically in the system through web inquiries, email, and even phone calls.

Once a new lead has been created, IRIS CRM will automatically track and update the details of each contact as your team moves that merchant through the sales process towards a close. The result is that your agents and managers will always have complete knowledge of each prospect, their needs, and their previous interactions with your ISO.

That deeper prospect knowledge enables a better, faster sales process, and makes it easy for your agents to deliver the customized, personal service that differentiates your ISO from the competition.

Learn more about IRIS CRM’s lead management and sales tools.

ISO Merchant Boarding

Once your agents have signed a merchant, the onboarding process begins. It’s a slow, tedious, error-prone process – but it doesn’t have to be. IRIS CRM includes a revolutionary automated boarding tool called TurboApp. TurboApp enables your boarding team to automatically pull almost all of the data from a merchant’s signed MPA directly into the boarding tool. The result is a boarding process shortened from 30 minutes for an experienced employee to as little as five minutes for anyone. TurboApp also eliminates almost all of the risk of data-entry error by eliminating most of the data entry altogether!

With IRIS CRM and TurboApp, you can increase your ISO’s boarding capacity by 500% or more while also making the lives and jobs of your boarding team easier, and ensuring no merchant is ever denied due to an improperly submitted application or an errant keystroke.

TurboApp is fully tested and certified for integration with Fiserv North, Fiserv Omaha, PaySafe, WorldPay, TSYS Wholesale, and TSYS Elapp – six of the world’s leading processors and the most important for ISOs.

Learn more about IRIS CRM’s TurboApp automated boarding application.

Merchant Portfolio Management

The payments industry is extremely competitive, and failing to provide the level of service your merchants expect can lead to defections to your competitors – a major risk to healthy residuals. It’s also crucial to your long-term success to have a clear picture of which of your merchants are your top performers, which need some assistance to drive better revenue, and which just aren’t worth the trouble at all. IRIS CRM provides your ISO with the tools to effectively manage each merchant on your roster for the lifetime of your working relationship. That makes IRIS CRM a truly end-to-end solution.

IRIS CRM’s advanced reporting enables you to track merchant performance with ease at both the portfolio-wide and processor levels. Tools like Dispute Assistance Manager allow you to provide value-added services to merchants, like instant dispute notifications and online response management, with effectively zero additional work involved for your team. You can even directly edit merchant information for TSYS Wholesale merchants from directly within IRIS CRM – a huge time-saver that cuts out the processor-side portal altogether.

Click here for more information on IRIS CRM’s merchant management tools, like the new Dispute Assistance Manager.

ISO & Agent Residuals Calculations

Calculating residuals is a pain, especially for ISOs working with a large number of agents on a variety of splits. But those residuals are the lifeblood of your ISO, so having a clear understanding of the numbers, what they mean for your business, and how much is owed to your agents is of the utmost importance.

IRIS CRM’s residual management suite makes monitoring, calculating, and managing your residuals easier than ever. The system provides you with automatic calculations of ISO and agent net residuals across all of your payment processors. It also makes it easy to pay those agent residuals by fully integrating with IRIS CRM’s ACH payment capability.

The residuals management suite also offers unparalleled business intelligence to managers and executives through the system’s residuals reporting dashboard. You can quickly and easily access full analytics from each of your processors, fully integrated, with no need to jump between reporting tools. Portfolio-wide and merchant level metrics are never more than a couple of clicks away, and you can custom tailor the reporting to tell you exactly what you need to know with zero clutter.

Click here for more information on IRIS CRM’s residuals reporting and management tools.

ISO & Agent Permissions

IRIS CRM doesn’t only benefit your sales team and merchant-facing functions – it supercharges the productivity and efficiency of your entire organization. IRIS CRM handles everything from your daily communications, to your invoicing and payments, to your customer support, to digital document creation and storage, and much more, all from a single, easy-to-use platform. That means your team can handle all of their daily tasks from one point of control – a huge time saver.

You can fully integrate Gmail and Outlook accounts, including calendars so that all email and scheduling can be handled directly within the platform. IRIS CRM also comes with a fully integrated call center and power dialer that enables your team to eliminate most of the repetitive work associated with outbound calls, booting both the quality and volume of your calling significantly.

And on the off-chance IRIS CRM doesn’t already offer a tool for one of your daily tasks, the platform’s Zapier integration allows it to be tied into over 2,000 of the world’s most popular web applications. The result is that there is almost no limit to the ways IRIS CRM can be put to use to streamline and improve your ISO’s daily workflows.

Learn more about IRIS CRM’s administration and communication tools.

ISO Management Mobile App

IRIS CRM was already the most full-featured payment ISO on the market, but with the introduction of the new IRIS CRM mobile app, it’s now also the most convenient as well. The new IRIS CRM app is available for both Android and iOS devices and enables your team to access their CRM and many of its top functions right on their smartphones, anywhere and anytime they need to.

Everything from IRIS CRM’s lead management tools and your ISO’s stored prospect data, to customer support tickets, to the built-in power dialer all accessible, on-the-go, in just a few taps. Now, your ISO’s team can benefit from the full power of an industry-leading CRM, even when they’re away from their desks.

Click here for more information on IRIS CRM’s residuals reporting and management tools.

IRIS CRM is the ultimate end-to-end tool for ISOs looking to grow their merchant portfolio, provide elevated service, and maximize monthly residuals.

IRIS CRM is the ultimate end-to-end tool

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