Whatever level of management you’re in, your job is to lead those who work under you, to steer their success, and to provide them with the tools and the guidance they need to do their jobs as well as they can. Unfortunately, that’s often easier said than done, and it’s incredibly easy to fall into the trap of getting caught up in the minutiae of day-to-day operations rather than keeping an eye on the big picture. 

Luckily, CRM software – the same software that’s becoming a mission-critical tool across almost all industries – can help ISO managers like yourself reclaim lost time, enable subordinates, and generate the high-level business intelligence necessary to steer the ship. Those benefits offered at the management level compound the effectiveness of a CRM further down the chain, as your staff benefits from the system both directly through their own use, and through the improved leadership and management CRM enables you to provide.  


Maintain a Higher Level of Awareness Over Your Merchant Health and Portfolio Growth – ISO Management Solutions

Keeping an eye on the big picture is a huge part of your responsibility as a manager, and that can be difficult when you’ve got a huge roster of merchants spread out across half a dozen or more payment processing partners. With each partner delivering a discrete report each month, just wrangling the data can be an enormous headache, let alone drawing useful insights out of it. 

IRIS CRM’s advanced reporting suite can solve that problem by automatically combining the data from each processor’s report in a single, clear, customizable, and easy-to-navigate set of reports. The result is that you can maintain constant awareness over your portfolio-wide and merchant-level statistics, covering everything from transactions to profitability to merchant activity, and beyond. In addition to the in-depth reports you can generate with a matter of a few clicks, information like monthly top performers, portfolio totals, and approved accounts are available at a glance on both the desktop and mobile versions.


Enable Your Independent Agents with Personalized Sales Training

Sales is a game that no one ever truly masters and even your best agents can always find ways to improve their client interactions, processes, telephone work, and all other aspects of sales. But to make those improvements, you need to be able to identify both which of your agents need the most help, and what areas of their skill sets need the most polish.

IRIS CRM’s activity reporting provides you with the data you need to make those determinations. You can quickly and easily pull up detailed reporting on each agent’s monthly and historical performance, including full details on their communications, their lead handling, the number of signed MPAs they’ve generated, the number of transactions generated by the merchants they’ve brought in, and more. 

Better still, because IRIS CRM’s built-in power dialer enables you to easily access recordings of previous sales calls, or even to listen in on live ones, you can access additional context and pinpoint the kind of intangible aspects of the sales process that is hard to pin down with data alone. 

With all of that information at your fingertips, you can build customized training plans designed specifically to meet the needs of each individual agent, ensuring that your ISO’s sales team can meet their full potential and that your roster of high-quality merchants will always enjoy healthy growth. 


Knock Down Information Silos and Promote Better Organization-Wide Communication – ISO Management Solutions

As a manager, part of your job is to ensure that the different teams within your ISO are communicating effectively, not only among themselves but with each other as well. Unfortunately, the larger your ISO grows, the harder ensuring that smooth communication gets. That’s because a natural consequence of growth is the emergence of information silos – invisible walls that stop information from flowing freely among different areas of your business. 

In a competitive industry like payment processing, where all cylinders must be firing in unison to ensure success, information silos can’t be tolerated. Luckily, IRIS CRM’s communication tools are designed to help you knock them down. The platform fully integrates your team’s email and scheduling platforms, with easy synchronization between Gmail, Outlook, and self-hosted accounts. That ensures that master and group calendars can be easily managed, with reading and editing access established with easy-to-set permissions. 

IRIS CRM also offers a self-contained team collaboration tool in the form of an internal chat platform rivaling the features of industry-leaders like Slack and Microsoft Teams. That makes it easier than ever for every member of your ISO’s team to stay in constant communication and to share documents, attachments, and information as needed, regardless of their location or their position. 


Provide Your Entire Team with the Tools They Need to Succeed – ISO Management Solutions

Enabling your team might be your most important responsibility, and a full-featured CRM can provide you with the tools to empower everyone from C-suite execs to the staff at the front desk and everyone in between. That’s because customer resource management software isn’t just a sales tool, it also offers benefits in everything from marketing to billing to administration to customer support and beyond. 

On the sales side, the lead management capabilities of an advanced CRM will ensure that your team can not only generate a more consistent stream of quality leads but also that no qualified lead will ever slip through the cracks. Your sales team will have access to all of the collected data your ISO has on each lead, and the system will automatically log each and every ongoing contact. That unmatched customer data capture and access will ensure your ISO’s merchant recruiting process is tighter and faster. 

In addition to sales tools, high-end payment CRMs like IRIS CRM also include a wide array of tools to streamline your ISO’s daily operations. For instance, IRIS CRM’s eSignature functionality allows your team to send out and collect fully signed MPAs with no need to ever print, store, or manage a physical piece of paper. The system’s TurboApp boarding application then uses those digital MPAs to automate most of the onboarding process, reducing it from 20 to 30 minutes to five or less. 

The residuals management suite allows for fully automated residual calculations, eliminating the need to work out splits manually, and the built-in payments system means agent payouts can be made instantaneously right through the CRM. There is no area of your ISO’s operations that can’t be improved and augmented through a good customer resource management platform, making the adoption of a CRM system an easy way to enable your entire team. 


For more information on the full suite of tools included in IRIS CRM and the many ways, it can make your life as a manager easier, schedule a free guided demonstration and let a member of the IRIS CRM team walk you through everything the platform has to offer.